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About Work Your Wealth

Work Your Wealth was started as a passion project by Conray Labuschagne in 2008 and quickly developed and grew into a comprehensive personal coaching and training provider in the areas of:

• Mindset • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
• Wealth • Investing in Gold
• Passive Income • Investing in Property
• Investment • Global Commodity Trading

After growing his own personal wealth and success through training with some of the best motivation speakers and business influencers in the world he began honing these skills and focused outwardly fuelling a desire to share his knowledge with fellow South Africans and more than that; create an educational platform and environment for higher awareness and access to success, wealth and health.

Today, Conray Labuschagne is a highly sought after motivational speaker based in South Africa and Work Your Wealth a platform, created to help South Africans grow their wealth, increase their mental awareness, develop a millionaire mind-set, gain access to range of wealth creation tools, join a community of like-minded people, entrepreneurs and leaders who thrive in helping themselves and others grow as successful individuals, citizens of the world and affluent members of their communities. More about Conray here...

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About Us

Work Your Wealth - The leading organiser and authority on business & personal development & wealth creation seminars.


For general information including registration, please contact:
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  044 692 0410    |    079 411 0290    |     086 572 3119
  Office: 10 Spring St, Mossel Bay, Western Cape

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