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Hannes Louw - Relationships as a Foundation of Success

Out of own interest on how to achieve a higher level of financial independence as well as the need to be exposed to new business opportunities, I got involved with WYW during 2010. I attend the free seminars offered in my region. As these free seminars are decentralized in SA it serve as a plus and make it easy for those interested to attend.

Etheless Mathe - Steps to Financial Freedom

I am so grateful for the information I have received from Work Your Wealth, my life has changed totally, my thinking has changed and I believe my financial problems will be changed as I use the information I have been taught, I am going to be blessed financially.

Talita Swarts - High confidence for wealth creation

Since I’ve started to become a part of WYW my mind was opened to the remarkable possibilities of financial freedom available. I’m sure you have heard about Donald Trump and Robert Kioyosaki of the famous “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of bestsellers. Well imagine you can sit and listen to these great minds of financial freedom and be taught how to become financially free.

The passport to wealth through property investment

One of the best ways of achieving a state of wealth is through property investment, and this is an excellent time to go about it. Interest rates are low throughout the world, property prices have been stagnant or even depressed, and there is plenty of property on the market, much of which is in the form of repossessions.

Moonyeen Wiehahn -Financial freedom leads to a life of prosperity

At the first seminar of wyw, I realized that I needed this smack from a deep sleep of financial regression. Thanks Conray for waking me up!! Life is full of opportunities and potential and attending these seminars, you are woken up to new opportunities to work your way back to wealth and health. Dont' delay !

» Moonyeen Wiehahn

Mmule Makhura - Transforming your life with motivation

I am proud to be a member of this organization because the aim is to empower people irrespective of their colour. The empowerment entails assisting other people to recover from their property problems at the same time create wealth to the members through earning extra income.

Dean Jacobsen - Starting a home business to make money

It took me half a year to become a member of Work Your Wealth. I was a complete sceptic and very pessimistic about it all, but joining has been one of the best choices I've made. As humans we aren’t very susceptible to change, but if success is what one wants, then a level of open-mindedness is needed, coupled with a little willingness and faith. 

Shariffa Miller - Using Leverage to achieve Financial Freedom

Work your wealth is truly an organization that practices their philosophy of WHATEVER IT TAKES. Work Your Wealth’s skills and techniques that are being employed are being used around the world by individuals to Fortune 500 companies. These very easy, simple skills and techniques have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Dennis Mambanje - Augmenting your monthly pay cheque

Exciting ! I am jubilant as I write this message. For years, I have been struggling to establish what kind of business to embark on, what kind of investment could help me, build a sound, solid & stable financial future. I read books by Robert Kiyosaki, Milton Kamwendo, Donald Trump, etc, on how to get rich, but in reality, the major turning point was when I met Conray in October 2010.

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