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Brett CrawCour - Controlling your life destiny

The best advice I ever saw in an e-mail was "Act now and grow rich" an mail from Work Your Wealth... after attending the seminar life will never be the same for me.

I went on to be a member and have met awesome likeminded people in the wealth creation industry - thanx Conray.

If you or anyone you know would like to be financially free “Work Your Wealth” has many different opportunities – Even 1 to suit YOU

» Brett CrawCour


Controlling your life destiny. Would you not like to take a little more control over your life destiny?

The chances are that you are in a full time job. Take a good look at your life and add up all of the constraints that a full time job puts on your freedom. The job dictates what time you get up in the morning, what time to take a lunch break (if you’re lucky enough to get one), what work you do all day, when you finish work, and ultimately what time you go to bed.

In some cases people don’t even leave their work at their workplace, but take it home with them. The job also dictates how much and how often you get paid and what time you can take off on a vacation.

All of these are constraints that manipulate your life. How much better would it be if you were able to choose what to do each day? What time to get up? What work to do? To be able to take an hour off whenever you wanted to. Controlling your life destiny enables you to do just that.

Working a nine to five full time job may have its benefits, but it puts an awful lot of constraints upon you.

Giving up such a job in order to have eight or nine hours extra every day to do what you really enjoy doing might seem a little harsh, but remember this. No job is that secure.

As recent events dictated by the world economic downturn have shown, even the apparently most secure of jobs can be terminated at the drop of a hat. Taking a grip of your life destiny and creating a passive income is a safe and secure alternative.

Your first question will be “but what can I do?”

One of the easiest ways of setting up a passive income and thereby controlling your life destiny is through the Internet.

Other ways include rental from a second property, licensing patents or intellectual property, bank interest, royalties from songs, books etc. Work your Wealth run a series of workshops and courses specifically designed to assist those people who have the desire to set about controlling their life destiny.

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