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Dirk Bothma Eliminate low self esteem with positive thinking

I was retrenched more than five years ago from a large government owned enterprise and after some job searching made the decision not to go back into the corporate world but rather do something for myself.

Not being overly successful with “doing my own thing” I came across the Work Your Wealth seminars presented by Conray Labuschagne.

In these seminars one discovers that you have many more capabilities which you never thought you possessed. I also learnt that creating wealth and leaving a legacy for your children and their children need not be as difficult as it often seems. By becoming a member of Work Your Wealth, it opened up opportunities for personal growth and for developing various income streams to ultimately create a passive income lifestyle for me and my family. Become a member and experience it for yourself!

» Dirk Bothma

Eliminate low self esteem with positive thinking

Low self esteem always goes hand in hand with negativity and is a frame of mind that it is essential to eliminate. This type of mindset is often brought about by your circumstances either at work or in your private life, and is frequently accompanied by some degree of depression.

You can eliminate low self esteem with positive thinking, and by being shown how to recognize the things that are holding you back and how to develop your mindset in such a way that your confidence is restored. In order to realize your full potential you need a clear and positive frame of mind.

The first step on the road to success is to recognize that there is a problem and then to analyze it.

It maybe that you’re in a rut at work, you’re bored with your mundane job and overloaded with demands from creditors. Just ask yourself if you’re happy with your life as it is.

Don’t you deserve something a little better? Do you want to change things for the better? How do you go about making the change?

The answer to low self esteem is to have the determination to do something about it by employing a little positive thinking. Ask yourself whether it is better to plod along as you are doing right now, after all, maybe the boss will promote you or you’ll win the Lotto?

Don’t fool yourself – there’s only one way to make the change you so desperately want.

You must instigate that change yourself. You must put your mind into gear rather than let it drift along with no power. Once your mind is in gear you’ll be able to assess the situation clearly, make goals, and set about achieving the first one. Don’t expect everything to fall into place immediately.

Changing your life takes a little time. But once you’ve put your mind into gear and have engaged some positive thinking, your low self esteem will immediately take a turn for the better. Work your Wealth can help you to make that change.

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