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Fritz Damaske - Honing your relationships to create a path to success

Work Your Wealth offers a Positive approach towards life and Guidance and options for people in financial difficulty. WYW also offers so many other opportunities such as;

  • Additional income opportunity
  • Financial freedom and tools available
  • Business opportunities
  • Networking
  • Investment opportunities
  • Access to investors, properties and auctions
  • Guidance, Mentorship and training
  • Mind- set building and personal development
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Honing your relationships to create a path to success

All relationships are of the utmost importance, whether they be personal relationships, relationships in the workplace, or in some cases relationships with other members of your sports team. It may not be obvious at first sight, but how you get on with your partner has a direct bearing on your success at work and on how you get on with your boss.

And it works both ways, so much so that a poor relationship can start a never ending spiral that affects your performance at work and your achievement of success. Ultimately it can end up with the break up of a marriage and even the loss of your job.

It is no secret that one of the main causes of stress in any relationship is finance. Yes, there can be other causes, such as infidelity, physical or mental abuse, a breakdown in communications or straight forward incompatibility.

Perhaps the most important of these is communication between the two parties, because if there is no communication there is no chance whatever of moving forward. Even when going through a difficult time financially, a couple who can communicate with each other and have a good relationship will rarely end up in the divorce court.

A happy and content couple will often enjoy a much greater success in their careers than a couple who do not have that rapport. The relationship between an employer and employee also has a direct impact on our personal relationships.

Having a bad relationship with your boss can lead to a general apathy towards your work, lack of concentration, and being in a position where, frankly, you would probably be better off working someplace else. Work Your Wealth can help you to understand the relevance of a relationship and the importance of communication. We run a series of workshops and training courses designed around this topic that will provide you with the necessary tools to fine tune your relationships.

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