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Grace Stuurman - How to develop confidence and eradicate low self esteem

“WYW has helped me to think outside the box and to realise that what seemed to be impossible is possible. It has totally changed my mindset about my ability to generate income.

It has surely unlocked my potential and has broadened my horizon in ways I never could imagine. Having attended the WYW seminars, I have found myself moving out of my comfort zone without even realising it. Living a life of abundance was just a distant dream but is now within my reach.

Being a member of WYW has brought me in contact with visionary people and I'm very excited to discover what the future holds.”

» Grace Stuurman


How to develop confidence and eradicate low self esteem

Low self esteem is a quality that is far more common than most people realize, but it is a quality that you can do something about. Your self esteem, or what you think of yourself, is something that is affected by a number of factors.

Things like your family background, by what happens to you as a child both at home and at school, your physical looks, your academic abilities and how other people treat you.

Low self esteem is often accompanied by some degree of depression and always by a negative frame of mind.

The good news is, it can be corrected. First you just have to recognize what your shortcomings are, and then set off on a course that leads to confidence and ultimately a positive mindset and success.

Having low self esteem leads to other lows. It leads to a low energy level, a lack of ambition and a general lack of interest in anything. Because of this complete lack of enthusiasm, there is no motivation to try to do anything to change the way you’re feeling. If you can just recognize your disability then you can do something about it.

One of the best ways of going about this is by public speaking. Don’t be put off. There are plenty of organizations that will go out of their way to both welcome you and to assist you, organizations such as Rostrum, Toastmasters, Dale Carnegie and Junior Chamber International. An alternate way is to get involved in the theatre, even if it is only the local amateur dramatic society.

What is it that makes you feel sub-standard or ashamed?

Take the time to take a good look at yourself and the things that you don’t like seeing, and write them down on a piece of paper. Now you have something tangible to work with.

Some of the best stage actors and actresses of our time are terrified each time they have to set foot on stage – but they do. They have built into themselves the confidence to do so. Work Your Wealth uses leading edge training workshops that will help you to identify your weaknesses and to develop your self confidence.

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