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Jabu Ntlou - Investing in a positive mindset in order to achieve financial freedom

My experience with Work Your Wealth has been nothing short of phenomenal. The choice of topics is based on real and hard core life experiences and focused on financial freedom.

Many will realise that the education system does not teach financial education and Work Your Wealth rekindles that. The seminars are really an eye opener and if there’s any favour you can make yourself is to attend one and you will want to attend more.

By and large, Work Your Wealth demystifies the fact that life is tough and urges people to use their minds and it teaches people to take action so that they can live the life of their choice.

It is a frightening fact to note that only 2% of the working class retire financially free and therefore the traditional, “study hard, get a job” syndrome is now obsolete. People should break free from financial slavery. If you want DEBT liberation go to Work Your Wealth .

» Jabu Ntlou

Investing in a positive mindset in order to achieve financial freedom

What is the meaning of financial freedom? It means being completely free of any financial constraints. It means having enough money to pay for all your monthly expenses without having to work to do so. It is a desirable position to be in, but a position that so few people have attained.

Investing in a positive mindset will put you on the road that leads straight to financial freedom. Once you have achieved a state of financial freedom you will have the freedom to do what you want when you want, to live where you want, to choose what sort of work, if any, you want to do, and at the same time be completely free from worry.

If you are in one of those mundane 9 to 5 jobs you will already know that your job dictates at least 90 percent of your life, gives you no freedom, decrees when you can take a holiday, lays down your work hours and even determines what time you get up in the morning. Is that really what you want.

Would you not rather be free to spend your time doing the work you want to do and that you enjoy doing? Wouldn’t you rather be able to take a day off whenever you want, or a week, or a month? Financial freedom will enable you to do all of those.

So how do you set about it? The first thing is to recognize your position and write down some goals.

Having goals is an essential step along the road to financial freedom. Keeping track of your goals will help you to keep track of your progress along that road.

The other vital step is to use your positive mindset to establish a passive income. A passive income is a regular income that you don’t have to work for. Work your Wealth hold regular seminars that will show you how you can achieve financial freedom by investing in a positive mindset.

Setting goals is an absolutely vital step in the road to achieving financial freedom for goals will enable you to map out the steps and timetable you need to keep up with.

They will help you keep track of your evolution and tell you when you have arrived at your destination. The world financial systems will not do anything to help you become wealthy, you have to do it yourself, and the only way to do this is to adjust your attitude so that you have a millionaire mindset.

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