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Jabu Vilakazi - Property investments as a way of achieving financial freedom

Work Your Wealth is no quick fix and no fly by night solution. It is a well thought out concept, allowing willing and free thinking individuals an opportunity and a vehicle to financial freedom.

As a PDI, cash flow is created through me as an Area Manager. I arrange auctions to help the defaulters salvage their pride and save their properties and also teach them how to lead debt-free lives.

Whilst doing this I earn commission that will eventually allow me an opportunity to build my own property portfolio, through purchasing to flip or rent.

WYW makes me realise my dream of creating passive income. As a self-employed person, I need to see myself in the fourth quadrant and develop sufficient pension fund for my old age.

WYW is also a definite route that can help me realise my wish of leaving an everlasting will of wealth for my offspring and the next generation and break the cycle of poverty.

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Property investments as a way of achieving financial freedom

It would be an impossible task to accurately estimate the number of people who would alter their lives if they were only given the chance. The number would run into thousands, if not millions, in South Africa alone. Property investments are a way of doing this. Take a good, hard look at your own life.

Are you one of the many people who have to put up with the strain of rush-hour traffic twice a day? Wouldn’t you rather lead a life where you were entirely free of time constraints? A life where you were completely free to come and go as you pleased, and, if you needed to work, to be able to do so exactly when you wanted to? Well, that is not an impossible task, and can be achieved by most people, if they only put their minds to it.

Buying a second or even third property is usually a good sound investment, providing that you do your homework first.

As of May 2011 property prices are still depressed and interest rates the lowest they have been for many years. In fact it is an excellent time for property investments.

One of the best places to source available property is through a bank, since there have been numerous foreclosures that the banks are only too willing to get rid of at a price that can be heavily discounted from its true value.

Property investments are one of the best sources of passive income.

Whereas property values may become stagnant in times of an economic decline, they rarely decrease.

If you are prepared to hang on to a property for a number of years, the value is sure to increase, as are the rents that you collect each month. It’s a winner both ways.

As long as there is a tenant in place you will not have to worry about rates and taxes, but you will be expected to pay for any repairs and maintenance incurred. Work your Wealth runs seminars and workshops designed to assist you in your property investment choices. Contact us for more information.

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