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Kerry & Michael - Supplementing a pension with work from home opportunities

Work your Wealth provides an individually tailored financial structure to suit the personal requirements around your particular set of circumstances. They also encourage the discipline required to move forward on a sound financial path towards your goals and dreams.

There is no lack of financial information, but identifying what works best for you and your situation is the personal touch you receive from Conray and his team.

Work Your Wealth has a holistic approach to money and life, affirming that for dreams to be realised, it is the conversations that you have with yourself that require attention first.

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Supplementing a pension with work from home opportunities

Many people who reach retirement age suddenly find themselves with a pension that is nowhere near to what they were earning in their final salary. Suddenly arriving at this sort of position can be very disconcerting, because a pension rarely covers the monthly expenses you are used to, and which may include mortgage repayments, electricity, municipality and your monthly shopping.

Many retirees are forced to look for some way to supplement their pension, and many end up with one or more work from home jobs. The more discerning will have foreseen this dilemma and done something about it well before the problem came to fruition.

Perhaps the most obvious work from home opportunity in this age of information technology is through the Internet.

There are two directions that you can take. You can either create or engage in a paying job, and there are plenty of opportunities here.

These include such jobs as writing articles or entering data for a third party. The Internet is one branch of the world economy that does not appear to have suffered too much from the recent downturn, and there are many jobs in these categories if you look for them.

The other alternative in using the Internet is to create passive income, and it is never too early to do this.

Whether you have already reached retirement or it is still to come in the distant future, it is never too early to create a passive source of income, income that, like your pension, gets paid to you regularly without your having to work for it.

The Internet offers copious opportunities for wealth creation, whether by trading, investing or through network marketing and affiliates. Work Your Wealth runs a series of workshops that are specifically designed to address the subject of work from home opportunities and of creating passive income.

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