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Mmule Makhura - Transforming your life with motivation

I am proud to be a member of this organization because the aim is to empower people irrespective of their colour. The empowerment entails assisting other people to recover from their property problems at the same time create wealth to the members through earning extra income.

The extra income has a number of streams that will end up enabling members to become financial free. In a process people are given an opportunity to grow their wealth by building on their property portfolios. It also assists members to gain skills that are property related.

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Transforming your life with motivation and developing a life of choice

Have you ever stopped to take a look at your life and thought about what a life of choice would be like? Are you completely happy with the way things are going? Most people get themselves into a comfort zone and then become very reluctant to make any move out from that zone.

This is because the subconscious mind, whether or not you realize it, has accepted the conditions of the comfort zone – these may be your job and the salary you get paid each month, your home and family and the standard of living that you enjoy.

From time to time something triggers the conscious mind to take a look at its surroundings and assess them. The trigger may come from seeing the boss’s new car, or realizing that you could be doing a little better than your subconscious mind is comfortable with.

When a trigger tells you that you’re battling to survive on your present salary, that you’re stuck in a rut and you need to do something about it, it will take a conscious effort to pull yourself out of the comfort zone. But that is where all of your possible goals will lie.

Achieving these goals is never easy, because to do so will pull you out of the comfort zone. And that’s where motivation comes in. Becoming motivated is all in the mind. It’s a question of recognizing your shortcomings and then having the willpower to do something about them. That way you will achieve a life of choice.

To summarize, understand that to make any major change in your life is a giant leap forward.

Once you have identified what the problem is and you have the determination to do something about changing it, the easy half of the battle is won.

Now it’s a question of deciding which route to take to implement your goals. Work Your Wealth runs a number of workshops and seminars that have been specifically designed to help you identify and achieve your goals and a life of choice.

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