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Maupa Seseni - Achieving success through new confidence

I had picked up interest in the Real Estate business in 2003 and had then started buying, renting and selling houses. Little did I know that I was making costly mistakes, until I attended Work Your Wealth seminars.

Through my Work Your Wealth membership, I continually learn many other things in the investment arena, including EMQ training on futures trading, and I therefore owe my gratitude to selfless people like Rick Potgieter, Tony Correia and the ever firing Conray Labuschagne.
Most of us think we know enough to make it on our own, and continually run the rat race. Not knowing that it is a spiritual and scientific fact that “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed”. (Proverbs 15:22).

Lying back in wait for red ribbon deals, end up tying one in financial knots. The best deals are the deals that you go out and find yourself, and Work Your Wealth has “WHATEVER IT TAKES” to offer you a roadmap to get you to realize your dream. It’s a win-win situation. In fact, virtually everyone who made a big success of themselves had been a protégé of a winner.

Work Your Wealth membership also offers a vast and ever growing network of like minded people, as apart from sharing knowledge, I’m also looking at attracting other investors to join hands with me in property investments, as this area offers unbelievably the best property investment returns.

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Achieving success through new confidence

An interesting fact emerged recently according to a story in the Wall Street Journal. It seems that most famous people, including well-known pop stars, footballers and actors whose names are household icons, do not put down their success to themselves, but to a higher authority. Some people would substitute the word “God” here, and others a “Universal Force”.

The whole point of making this introduction is that in every case the successful person believed.

They had faith that some outside force was the reason for their success. The belief was accompanied with the usual confidence that you see in people who have achieved Fame.

The question then arises “Why can’t I be successful?”, and the simple answer is that you can. All it takes is a change in attitude. You may suffer from a low self esteem or maybe are just content to ride along with the rest of the sheep, living from day to day but in reality being deep in a rut.

Only a conscious change in attitude will alter things, but it will change them. The first step is to assess the situation you are currently in. Maybe jot down the things you want to change, but then have the belief that you can change them.

Having written down the things that you want to change, write down a few goals – things that you want to achieve. Don’t make the first ones too difficult - make them within reach.

Whenever you achieve a goal, celebrate it. Accept mistakes and learn from them.

Don’t become over-confident, but do start making your goals a little harder. Continue to celebrate them when you achieve success. Work Your Wealth runs a number of workshops designed to help you change your self-confidence for the better.

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