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Douglas Whytock - Altering your frame of mind to bring about an increase in income

After going to the first few meetings of “Work your Wealth”, I have started changing the way I think and do things that have changed my way of taking responsibility regarding my life. I have always felt low because of the lifestyle I had and the fact that I wasn’t reaching my dreams and Goals.

I have always wondered why others have got what I haven’t got, why are they happy and successful, and what am I doing wrong, that they have got right?

WYW has taught me to think differently, and how to apply myself to supplement my current income to help me reach my goals. WYW is highly recommended to everyone out there, as there are various options on how to create wealth for yourself, that can suit your needs. I have met great people via these meetings, who all have a great attitude and who all have one thing in common: to have financial freedom. I urge all of you to attend just one meeting, and to start taking control of your life, the way you want it to be.

"Life's a Journey, Not a Destination" ~ Amazing by Aersomith

» Douglas Whytock

Altering your frame of mind to bring about an increase in income

Your present life is a direct manifestation of the thoughts and emotions you have had in the past. So, if your life is not how you would like it to be, you will have to assume responsibility for your thoughts. Concentrate more on positive thoughts and feelings or you will continue live the negative life of the present. Changing your frame of mind will automatically bring about conditions and opportunities that you can act upon to bring about an increase in income. It is never easy to make a complete change and break away from your present circumstances. This is because your emotions tell you that you are comfortable and to make a change would be difficult. Nonsense! You will only increase income by changing your attitude.

What are the various ways of achieving an increase in income?

One thing you could consider is changing your job. You could add to your qualifications to put yourself in line for a promotion. Better still, you could add to your present income by supplementing it with a second, or even a third and fourth income. There are several ways of achieving this, such as:

  • Developing an Internet income
  • Investing in a second property with a view to letting
  • Open a business and have a manager run it
  • Creating something people are willing to pay for.

Altering your frame of mind will not necessarily bring about an automatic increase in income, but will certainly be the first step towards it. When you continue with a negative mindset you will definitely not move towards a life of choice.

That will only come about if you change your attitude, but once you have taken that first step you will be on the road to financial freedom. Work Your Wealth run a series of workshops that are specifically designed to help you along the road.

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