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Thembeka Buleni - Changing to a life of abundance

Work your wealth is about positive minded people, people who are willing to move from their comfort zone (mediocrity ) and change their lives for the better.

Changing to a life of abundance

Many people dream of what it would be like to live an ideal life. But what is an ideal life? Where would you live? What would you do from day to day? Would you still be in your present job? How would you feel? Questions that are difficult to answer without first having a good look at your present life.

A good word to use for the ideal life would be a life of abundance.

That does not just mean lots of money in the bank, though it could be part of the answer. Abundance means not just material wealth, but also good health, comfort, being able to live in harmony with your principles and having solid caring relationships.

When you took a good look at your present life, what did you see? What was missing? Are you happy in your job? Are you interested in the work you do? How do you spend your spare time? In fact, do you have any spare time? How would you describe your relationships with your work companions, your spouse, or your children?

Unless all of the answers to these questions are perfect then clearly the time has come to do something to affect a change to a life of abundance.

In order to start moving along the path to a life of abundance you are going to have to first change your beliefs and consequently your frame of mind.

Too often one becomes set in one’s ways, controlled by a mindset that is far from positive.

It is a mindset that accepts its surroundings as a place of comfort. Changing your frame of mind means changing your emotions so that you are no longer afraid of change, but are confident about the future and look forward to it with an open and positive frame of mind. Work Your Wealth run a series of workshops designed to help you make this change.

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