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Talita Swarts - High confidence for wealth creation

Since I’ve started to become a part of WYW my mind was opened to the remarkable possibilities of financial freedom available. I’m sure you have heard about Donald Trump and Robert Kioyosaki of the famous “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of bestsellers. Well imagine you can sit and listen to these great minds of financial freedom and be taught how to become financially free.

Well now you can Conray has invested in excess of R1 000 000 in training and seminars which he attended in the US to obtain the knowledge to obtain financial freedom.

Conray’s unselfish, honest, diligent and patient coaching is unmatched, and it’s his passion to see you succeed financially. Many will realise that the education system does not teach financial education and Work Your Wealth rekindles that. Work your Wealth has opened my eyes to the multitude of possibilities available to us, and the more I learn at every seminar the clearer it becomes, it is within each and every one of us to become extremely wealthy.

All you need to do is open your mindset, learn from the exceptional WYW team and then Act!.

High confidence – an essential frame of mind for wealth creation

An essential frame of mind to have if you wish to attain a position of wealth is one of high confidence. Throughout your life you are constantly influenced by what is happening around you and to you. If you are teased or bullied at school the experience can affect you throughout your entire life.

This is why psychiatrists frequently begin a session by asking their patients about their early life. Your self esteem is sculpted by everything that goes on around you, by your looks and by how others treat you. Low self esteem is to blame for your being stuck in that rut at work, and developing high confidence can put you on the road to wealth creation.

If you can recognize the fact that you lack confidence or have a low opinion of yourself, then the first obstacle is out of the way.

Recognizing the fact means that you can plan to do something about it. Wealth creation never came to anyone who was not confident in themselves. If you don’t feel that you are able to change your mindset, there are plenty of organizations that will be only too happy to assist you.

There’s a bonus to acquiring high confidence – people will take note, they will like what they see, and you’ll end up with a whole lot of new friends.

Once you have changed into the new you, you will recognize the fact; in fact it will be quite obvious. Now is the time to set your goals. What is it that you want? You won’t achieve wealth creation by sitting on your backside doing nothing, but your new high confidence will enable you to set about making some passive or residual income.

Work Your Wealth runs a number of workshops specifically designed for assisting people in exactly the same position as yourself.

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