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Shepstone Lerefolo - Achieving a state of wealth through property investment

Eish, Jan eh! It’s true. “Uzo ithola kanjani uhlel’ekhoneni?” How will you get it if you’re just sitting there by your corner? It is by moving away from the old paradigms. Really, having been searching for something that can better my current income I was invited by my friend to a Work Your Wealth seminar.

We even arrived late at the seminar and only a few people were there, yet the presenter didn’t focus on the numbers and the information that was shared with us appeared to be realistic. It really hit me hard when it came to say that one has to learn to unlearn what was taught to many of us as we were growing up, i.e. “You have to work hard to reach your future goals”. There’s even a nicer way of saying the above statement, “You have to work smarter to be able to achieve your goals in life”.

It seemed so difficult for me to immediately digest and swallow such a statement of unlearning what I learnt, yet logic spells it out that it is so as to allow the new mindset to occupy the former belief. But how, at this age and time? It is by testing the new concept to see if it would work and if it is done consistently the truth will be so evident. This was like teaching an old dog new tricks which were very helpful and practical to the dog. So simple and straight information brought a better knowledge especially when there’s no confusion of words and terms. It was brought back home that financial education is not only from Institutions of higher learning only but also at Work Your Wealth! I say this because it was for the very first time to learn what I learnt at the seminar where I didn’t spend 17 years of education which I did at school plus “Institutions of higher learning”. Funny enough it was less than three hours.

Interesting enough I can boldly say the seminar was not only informative and illuminating but so much practical. I truly believe that if could have come some years ago I wouldn’t be where I am. I am grateful that it finally arrived. As the name says Work Your Wealth, your wealth is there yours is just to manage it and enjoy managing it. Try it, there’s much more to gain than to lose.

» Shepstone Lerefolo

Achieving a state of wealth through property investment

So, you’ve made a decision that you are going to do something about your life. You’ve realized that you’re getting nowhere in your present job and got yourself into a positive frame of mind and are ready to do something about it. One of the many ways of achieving a state of wealth is through passive income from astute property investment. It is currently a buyers’ market and interest rates have never been lower, so this is an excellent time to get into the property market.

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase property with the object of letting it, you will have to start doing some detective work.

You will need to know a few more things about not just the property itself, but also about the area or suburb that the property is located in.

  • Find out all you can about the area the property is located in – if it is a developing area, so much the better.
  • What sort of class of tenants would you expect in this area?
  • How much is your budget?
  • What sort of costs will be incurred by way of rates, taxes, levies, maintenance etc.?

Many of the answers about a particular piece of property can probably be made by approaching local estate agents.

Identifying the property investment to go for takes time and effort, but Work Your Wealth will put you on the right track to achieving a state of wealth through property.

Apart from the regular private sellers it is sometimes possible to pick up a bargain by doing a little investigating beforehand. Property doesn’t just come onto the market when someone relocates.

It is also sold following a death or a divorce, people are selling to avoid having their property repossessed, and banks are selling repossessed property. Work Your Wealth runs a number of workshops designed specifically for people looking to increase their wealth through property investment.

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