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Brenda Martens - Running a business from home in order to accomplish a life of choice

I have had some very challenging experiences just before joining Work Your Wealth, a relationship of 23 years broke up and I went through a divorce

I was faced with a lot of difficulties as a single mom with 2 children who had never been on her own, my mom then passing away after a long battle with emphysema and then going through the experience of my Dads liquidation.

I came across WYW at a very low point in my life. I was very skeptical about the opportunity at first but as I experienced more and more training tools and got to know the team I realized that the skills taught are life skills, and the advice given is always very relevant and useful.

I am now a much more positive person who takes full responsibility for my life and what I have achieved and believe that WYW's tools, lessons and people have helped me to achieve this and helped me to turn my life around and help other people in the process.

» Brenda Martens

Running a business from home in order to accomplish a life of choice

Have you ever stopped to think about your present job? Is it one of those nine to five jobs in which you grind away doing the same things day after day? If you are reading this article it is probably just that. That’s the sort of job that mines away at your self esteem in such a way that you end up with a low opinion of yourself – not your life of choice.

But things don’t have to be like that. That sort of job is not a good one to have, anyway. It’s the sort of job that can be taken away from you at a moment’s notice. People have been losing their jobs all over the world with little notice because of the economic downturn.

How about running a business from home?

Running a business from home, as long as it is the right business, can be extremely lucrative and can save you from no end of stress. You save all around. No more being stuck in the early morning or late afternoon commuting traffic jams. You are your own boss.

You yourself control time, and time is your greatest asset. Being able to choose what work to do and when to do it frees you from much of the stress that comes with a mundane job.

Don’t make the mistake of imagining that running a business from home is going to immediately release you from all of your financial worries.

Any new venture takes a little time to get going, so it is a good idea to run the business in parallel to your present job until such a time as the new venture has started to make money. Work Your Wealth runs a number of workshops and seminars that cover a situation such as this. Why not let us assist you?

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