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Dean Jacobsen - Starting a home business to make money

It took me half a year to become a member of Work Your Wealth. I was a complete sceptic and very pessimistic about it all, but joining has been one of the best choices I've made. As humans we aren’t very susceptible to change, but if success is what one wants, then a level of open-mindedness is needed, coupled with a little willingness and faith. 

I heard in one of the seminars to "work smart", not hard.  I've worked hard most of my life, but Conray and his team are teaching me the necessary skills of HOW to work smart. 

I’m very grateful to be a part of WYW and am very optimistic for the future.

» Dean Jacobsen

Starting a home business to make money

The Internet has grown at such a rate that it is difficult today to remember what it was like when it was not there. Like it or not, with the possible exception of a few Amazon tribes, the Internet has affected everyone’s lives.

One of the things that it has done has been to put everyone who has an Internet service into a position where they are able to communicate at a moment’s notice with anyone else who has an Internet service – anywhere in the world.

With this sort of communication at your fingertips the world is your oyster, and a home business from which you can make money is within easy reach.

Ideally you would like the Internet to make money for you without your having to do any work. This is a possibility, but you will have to do some initial work to get the concept going.

It involves having a web site of your own and doing some Internet marketing, making use of affiliates and advertisers, but eventually you will get to the position where you can just let the website run along by itself bringing in a small passive income each month.

You could do this with a number of different websites. An alternative it to write content for websites. Articles are required all of the time, so this is a question of marketing yourself to SEOs or of writing for a e-magazine.

You’ll find numerous websites offering a foolproof way of making money on the Internet. Don’t be fooled by them. Most of them require that you pay a small amount by credit card.

Don’t get taken in by such websites – they are all scams on the lookout for people such as yourself looking for a quick buck. It is possible to make money through a home business without laying out any money to a third party. Work Your Wealth can help you there.

We run a number of workshops and seminars designed for just such an occasion.

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