5WYW Passive Income 5 Day

The ultimate 5 Day comprehensive workshop on BUILDING WEALTH & CREATING INCOME.

You will have access to entrepreneurs and like minded people that have used the strategies and tools themselves to build their own wealth.

At the seminar you will learn to build your own strategy and explore the tools best suited to your situation. We want you to think and strategise, ask questions and find out what the possibilities are for building wealth.

Seminar Topics Include:

  • How to develop a mindset for wealth
  • How to create on and offline passive income streams
  • What blockchain is and how the technology has changed digital money
  • What is cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and how to invest
  • How to invest in Gold and protect yourself against inflation
  • How to invest in property and how to use it to make passive income
  • What asset protection is
  • How to trade in the global market

Your Speakers include: 

Conray Labuschagne: Owner & Founder of Work Your Wealth, Personal Trainer & Wealth Coach; Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

Tony De Gouveia: Founder and Creator of TUB (The Ultimate Business); Network Marketing Professional & Entrepreneur.

Rick Potgieter: Inventor of SPAM (Secure Profit Algorithmic Method), a trading technique that requires little human intervention for global market trading, Wealth & Personal Coach and Entrepreneur.




DATE VENUE 9am to 5pm TBC
DATE VENUE 9am to 5pm TBC
DATE VENUE 9am to 5pm TBC

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