WYW Passive Income 8hr 2

8 hour intensive introductory workshop focused on Passive Income

Get out of your comfort zone and unlock your potential financial future

To create wealth, takes a change of mindset & daily routine, focus on the goal and use the best strategies & plans available to be guided in the right direction. 

Our experts in passive income host global events that teach people how to create passive income streams that generate revenue without requiring more time and effort than they currently put into a regular occupation or business.

These interactive workshops are designed to get you participating, thinking, strategising and applying the skills you learn to help you reach your financial goals.

Don't miss this opputunity to get the best passive income strategies for wealth creation!


Learn from South Africa's leading Passive Income Masters.

Conray Labuschagne

Conray Labuschagne WYW

Owner & Founder of Work Your Wealth, Personal Trainer & Wealth Coach; Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

Coert Coetzee

Coert Coetzee

Coert Coetzee is the #1 Wealth Coach in South Africa with thousands of students applying his methods with great success all over the world. More...

Rick Potgieter


As a successful trader Rick has shared his knowledge of trading the global market as an independent trader with individuals since 2001.

Tony De Gouveia

Tony De Gouveia

Founder and Creator of TUB (The Ultimate Business); Network Marketing Professional & Entrepreneur.


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