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How to be Confident

A lack of confidence and low self esteem go hand in hand, and are qualities that you must eradicate completely if you wish to change your life around for the better. It has been reliably shown that one in three individuals suffer from these two qualities, lack of confidence and or low self esteem.

How to become a Millionaire

So, you’d like to learn how to become a millionaire! Other people have done it, why can’t you? The simple answer is that you can, you just have to follow a few simple rules and allow everything to fall into place. Sounds simple? Then how come there are not more millionaires. Here’s how it works.

Buying Property

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is, when buying property you just want to get the best possible deal – in other words you want to pay as little as you can for the highest possible quality.

What exactly is Financial Freedom?

It does not necessarily mean that you have an unlimited supply of money, although that would probably be quite an acceptable situation to be in. It does mean being able to manage that money that you do have in such a way as to leave you with no worries and no fears.

How to be a Millionaire

Other than winning the national lottery it’s not something that will happen overnight. But the good news is that you can learn how to be a millionaire – you just have to adopt the correct frame of mind. It all boils down to positive thinking and getting rid of all that negativity that languishes in your brain.

Business Consultants SA

Are you thinking of starting up a new business? Do you already have a small business that needs a bit of a boost? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, or indeed if you think that a business consultant could assist you in even the smallest way, then you have come to the right place.

How to Invest

“It’s just not fair. I seem to work harder and harder, for longer and longer, and never seem to be able to make ends meet.” These are sentiments that are widespread in today’s economic climate. How is it then that some people seem to be able to not only make ends meet, but enjoy a Life of Abundance?

Business Coach SA

Take A Moment And Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If You Had

  1. The Perfect Job Or Business That You Absolutely Loved 
  2. The Perfect Family Life
  3. The Perfect Lifestyle That Afforded You All The Finer Things In Life

Goals and Objectives

Before setting up your goals and objectives for a full and meaningful life, you should know what the difference is between a goal and an objective. Many individuals mistakenly believe that they are the same thing, but they’re not. A goal is your ultimate target or aspiration, whereas objectives are the steps you need to take in order to achieve that goal.

Build Passive Income

What is passive income and why is it such an important wealth creation tool? Thousands and thousands of people in South Africa pass the hours away in jobs that they either don’t like or don’t want, but are forced to stay because they are afraid of the consequences of quitting.

Goal Setting

The all-important thing to remember when setting out on the road to financial freedom is to achieve the right state of mind, or mindset. Once you have achieved this state of positive thinking, you next logical step is going to be setting goals. This holds true for both personal goals and business goals.

Build Online Passive Income

Having a passive income is an extremely important tool for creating wealth. “Interesting” you may muse, but what exactly is a passive income? Let me explain. A passive income is an income source that you don’t have to work for. So, that immediately excludes your monthly salary, but it does include a pension.

Forex Trading 101

How the prudent use of the forex trading market  can lead to wealth creation and financial freedom. Forex trading is a transaction in which one trader purchases an amount of one foreign currency by paying in another currency. The foreign exchange rate between any two currencies “floats” or varies up and down from day to day, depending on many influences.

Building Self Esteem

Building self esteem, working on our self image, building self confidence,  as much as many people firmly believe they needn’t worry about this, believing they simply don’t have a problem, I would strongly urge EVERYBODY to explore this on an ongoing basis, and take self confidence very seriously.

Forex Trading Online

Forex trading online is one of several options open to anyone who has both the passion and desire to live a life of abundance. If practiced correctly and sensibly it will give you the chance of taking a small portion of what is a very large market, a market of more than $3 trillion a day.

Build Confidence

Self Confidence is a fundamental corner-stone of wealth creation that we unfortunately so easily underestimate and often totally ignore! Over the years I have met many people with massive potential, awesome ideas, incredible vision, but they lack the self confidence to implement and act on their ideas, what an incredible waste!

Financial Freedom Come-Back

Financial Freedom for most people is not something that they achieve in the first attempt, in fact for most they fall a few times before they Achieve Financial Freedom. Like most other things in life Financial Freedom is a building process until you get there. It is a matter of practice, keep on trying and at the same time learn from your mistakes and failures.

Futures Trading South Africa

There is no doubt that there is a massive lack of understanding and awareness of what futures trading is all about! We will give a bit of an insight about futures trading, what all it entails and even more importantly, why everybody should consider being knowledgeable about this amazing wealth creation tool!

Best Forex

With an average daily trading market in excess of $3 trillion, the foreign exchange market could well be considered the best market for an investor or speculator to make money from.

Financial Freedom starts with a firm decision followed by firm commitment

What exactly is Financial Freedom? No doubt it will mean different things to different people! Most certainly Financial Freedom will mean a different amount of money to each individual – person A will need X amount to feel that they have achieved Financial Freedom and person B will maybe need Y amount – yet they both feel that they have achieved Financial Freedom!

Find Income Generating Opportunities

It is an established fact that, in order to enjoy the best out of life with a life of abundance, the only route is to establish a passive income. That is an income that you don’t have to actually work for. That’s probably easier said than done, but if you are one of those many individuals who have decided to break away from a mundane job –

Become more confident

Regardless of who you are, at the end of the day I am very convinced everybody is seeking meaning and purpose in their life, I have personally yet to meet and find somebody that wouldn’t desperately want to add more meaning to their life!

Financial Freedom SA

Financial Freedom a myth or real? More importantly is it achievable? Is it achievable only for some or for everybody? Not only is it achievable for everybody, it is in fact, our birth right. A life of choice in all aspects is available for everybody! Sadly not everybody will achieve it, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. The majority will not achieve it,

Bank Repossesed Homes

Everyone is aware that South Africa has been suffering from the economic downturn that has been affecting most of the civilized world over the last few years. What many people are not aware of is that such a situation presents a wonderful opportunity for setting the base for financial freedom.

Financial Prosperity

Everyone would like to achieve a state of financial prosperity, a position in which they were free of any financial worries or fears. Who wouldn’t? The good news is that if one puts one’s mind to it, it is achievable. Take a look at your present circumstances. There’s a good chance that the reason you are reading this is because you are not too happy

The Advantages Of Using A Team For Wealth Creation

It very often for very good reasons have been said that creating wealth is not depended on an individuals ability to create wealth but on his ability to surround himself with the best possible people in each area of expertise to deliver the required outcome!

Fast Sell Properties

The property market in South Africa has been fairly stagnant over the last few years on account of the world recession that has plagued so many. Placing your property with an estate agent or attempting a private sale can end up being a long drawn-out process – sometimes never ending. If this is the situation you find yourself in, the time has probably come to consider what they call fast sell properties. 

Executive Coaching SA

Utilizing Executive Coaching to unlock the latent potential in individuals in order to maximize their future accomplishments and achievements. Executive coaching really only came about after the conclusion of the second world war, when numerous redundant officers, suddenly finding themselves without a job, decided to utilize the leadership talents they had learned in the armed forces

One of the most powerful and Life changing tools

From all the Financial Freedom Tools to choose from, one of the most powerful and Life changing tools is most certainly a high quality Financial Seminar.

These seminars play a substantial role in education; it’s relatively inexpensive, and most certainly the education received from such seminars can certainly cut years off the trial and error process, and time factor.

Property Investments, Wealth Creation & Value Assessment

Through history, Property Investments as a Wealth Creation tool, has always proven to be a mind blowing wealth tool! Like anything else, success in property investment is depended on certain skills and know how, as long as certain rules of the industry are followed, you will get the most incredible results you can imagine, break the rules and it can become an absolute nightmare!

Double my Money

No doubt everybody will want to double their money in as short a period of time as possible! Very few achieve this, not because it is hard to achieve, or impossible to achieve, in fact it is very easy to double money in a very short period of time! Without taking any undue or high risks. In fact there is no need to take risks if you want to double your money.

Financial Freedom is not something you achieve in the first attempt

Financial Freedom for most people is not something that they achieve in the first attempt, in fact for most they fall a few times before they Achieve Financial Freedom. Like most other things in life Financial Freedom is a building process until you get there. It is a matter of practice, keep on trying and at the same time learn from your mistakes and failures.

Beliefs - Non-Serving Vs. Serving.

Take a young child playing with his favourite toy and in the process he believes to be the "hero", or whatever it might be. A young child playing with his favourite superhero toy invariably gets so involved with his game, lives himself into the game they are playing, and behaving like the "hero" would, taking actions that that "hero" would.

Distressed Properties for Sale

Before you continue to read this webpage let me first make sure that you know exactly what distressed property is. Many people believe that distressed property for sale is property that has been seized by the bank. This is not so – although it is possible that such a property could be under threat of being seized by a bank.

Develop a Millionaire Mindset

The mere fact that you are reading this webpage tells me several things about you. You are almost certainly not 100% happy with your present job, you feel frustrated, and you want a change. It may also be that this frustration has been having an effect on you health and/or your relationships.

Millionaire Secrets – are there any?

Do millionaires have secrets or are they just born lucky? The only millionaires that were born lucky are those born into already wealthy families, so let’s confine our thoughts to self-made millionaires. There is only one millionaire secret, and I’m going to reveal it to you right now.

Daily Affirmations

One of the First steps along that road is the requirement to develop a positive mindset – this means getting your brain into gear and replacing all of that negativity with positive thoughts.Affirmations are extremely powerful techniques for developing and maintaining positive thought, and wherever possible they should be used on a daily basis.

Business Ideas in South Africa

The ongoing recession has caused many individuals to take a good look at their working circumstances, and in many cases to re-evaluate their position.

With an unemployment rate of close to 25%, anyone who has a steady job must consider himself or herself as being fortunate. The problem is, unless you are working for yourself, no job is safe. 

Create a Millionaire Mindset

Hundreds of individuals would like to know what the millionaire secret is. The truth is that there is no big millionaire secret – it’s all in the mind, literally! You have already taken your first step, the next step along the road to financial freedom is to get rid of your present low self esteem and to create a millionaire mindset. Let’s think about that statement.

The idea of a master mind group

The idea of a master mind group was first conceived and put into print by Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich. The concept was inspired by Andrew Carnegie, an American steel millionaire who surrounded himself with a support system of about fifty individuals who formed a “think tank” with the specific purpose of manufacturing and marketing steel.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Is there such a thing as the power of positive thinking? If so, how does it work and how can it help transform my life? The answer is YES.

One fact that the average man in the street is completely unaware of is that billions of dollars are spent annually on scientific research in the field of Quantum Physics.

Confident SA

The ability to be confident is an attribute that goes hand in hand with making a success out of your life. Many individuals who seek help in the form of life coaching or mentoring do so because they believe that they are suffering from low self esteem or from a general lack of confidence.

One way of achieving financial freedom is to have a passive income

Passive income is defined as being an income that is received regularly, but with very little effort needed to sustain it. Some examples of passive income are pensions, royalties, payments for rented property, interest and dividends on securities, income from advertisements on websites and repeated regular income from other sources.

Entrepreneurial Development in South Africa

Entrepreneurial development programs in South Africa can only be described as lacking when compared with most of the developed world and with other third world countries. This is one of the reasons why Work Your Wealth has taken the initiative and stepped in to fill an otherwise almost empty breach.

Conference Speakers

It has become an accepted thing for both corporations and smaller organizations to add a touch of fire to their conferences by engaging a motivational speaker. Conference speakers are usually professional motivational speakers who can draw noteworthy interest and awareness for your conference by means of the strength of their reputation and their past performance.

Strategic Financial Consultant Offer

As you all know we at Work Your Wealth are extremely passionate about what we do and being instrumental in the wealth creation of many through mind-set development and introducing mainly alternative wealth creation vehicles. Likewise are we also hugely in favour of risk planning and not seeing loved ones being left behind in the case of the sudden death of a breadwinner.

Commodity Trading SA

Trading in commodities has been practiced for many thousands of years. It started many years ago as bartering between merchants. A merchant who had an excess of a specific commodity would exchange it for a second commodity of which he was short, and of which the second merchant had an excess.

Self esteem is a quality that is acquired from one’s surroundings or background

It is modified by what happens to you as a child at home or at school, in your job and in your pleasure time. A person who has low self esteem lacks confidence and is hampered in their advancement through life. Low self esteem can be brought about by a number of factors – divorce or separation, whether one’s own or that of one’s parents can blow apart a person’s self esteem, blaming themselves for what has happened.

The Financial Freedom Come-Back

Financial Freedom for most people is not something that they achieve in the first attempt, in fact for most they fall a few times before they Achieve Financial Freedom. Like most other things in life Financial Freedom is a building process until you get there. It is a matter of practice, keep on trying and at the same time learn from your mistakes and failures.

Change Your Life

Are you one of those enlightened individuals who have come to the conclusion that you want to change your life? Welcome to the club! Have you at last realised that you really don’t like that career that your parents ‘chose’ for you, that the job is boring and you really don’t like it at all?

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