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Using Time Management to achieve goals and create a positive mindset

The greatest asset that everyone is given for free is Time. The subconscious mind compares the passage of Time with the length of time that it has experienced. Effectively this means that when you’re young, Time passes slowly, but as you get older and older, so it appears to pass faster and faster.

One thing is certain – it is the one asset that all of us run out of sooner or later. It is therefore in anyone’s best interest to make the best of the time they have been given in the most effective way possible, by using time management. Let me give a good example of this. An author is in his fifties and lives alone. He lives by his writing, but spends at least an hour every day in the kitchen washing dirty dishes. By purchasing a dish washing machine to do the job for him he saves an hour every day – that’s more than 350 hours a year in which he can be spending his valuable time writing instead of wasting it at the kitchen sink.

Time management is more than just using a machine to save time. It is better described as a philosophy or mindset that gives you the ability to get greater value out of the time you have been given, whether at home or at work, or whatever situation you find yourself in. Rather than managing time to get lots of things done, it is more having the ability of prioritizing the tasks you have in order that the most important things get done first. One of the easiest ways of achieving your goals by making use of time management is to write down all of the things you have to do during a particular day in a list at the beginning of the day, or even better the night before. Prioritize each item on the list with an A, B or C. Know in your mind that those items marked “A” are the most important and have to be carried out that day, that those items marked “B” have to be carried out before a particular date and that those marked with a “C” need to be done by the end of the week or by a certain date. You will soon find that you are starting to achieve goals and that you have a much more positive mindset.

Making good use of time management skills you will not only be able to get more accomplished each day, it will also enable you to allocate more time to the activities and the people that you love. You’ll find yourself more relaxed and more focused, with a positive mindset and a better control over your life. You’ll find that you’re achieving goals where, before, you were struggling to.

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