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Financial Freedom starts with a firm decision followed by firm commitment

What exactly is Financial Freedom? No doubt it will mean different things to different people! Most certainly Financial Freedom will mean a different amount of money to each individual – person A will need X amount to feel that they have achieved Financial Freedom and person B will maybe need Y amount – yet they both feel that they have achieved Financial Freedom!

And yes both would be 100% correct, Financial Freedom is not necessarily a certain capital amount nor a particular income, my personal definition would simply be;

Financial Freedom is a state where you have enough income to cover your desired lifestyle regardless of what you do or don’t do in your daily activity, in other words you get to live a life of choice in that you can do whatever you want to do with your daily activity. The income is there to pay for your Financial needs.

The really important fact of life is to understand that EVERYBODY can become Financially Free! Regardless of their current financial status, the important factor is to understand nobody will ever become financially free without learning certain skills that can be used to create financial freedom!

The sad fact is the majority of people sit back and wait for things to change, whether they are waiting on a capital amount they expect, be it an inheritance, a big bonus, a big promotion or whatever the case might be……

The reality of the matter is they can only create the desired financial state if they are prepared to make radical changes in their lives…… what they are waiting for will never be the solution!

In the majority of cases, people eventually get the big payout they were waiting for, but then after a very short time the capital is gone, and there is still no smell of financial freedom!

The simple reason for this is that financial freedom is the end result of thinking very differently, making very different decisions, changing habits and behaviour!

Regardless of your current financial situation, your current financial state is no more than a mirror image or reflection of your thoughts and beliefs.

Most people never reach financial freedom as they simply fail to really understand that their current financial state was 100% created by themselves and nobody else!

Therefore only they can change it! No amount of capital, no opportunity will ever create it for them; they alone by effecting the internal changes can create the desired outcome being financial freedom!

The biggest challenge for all of us is our limiting beliefs in our subconscious minds! After all we must understand that was the foundation of our current financial status.

Needless to say, we are mostly not aware of what our limiting beliefs are, yet it governs our finances!

This is specifically what our seminars are all about, it is a process of internal discovery to find out who we “really are” or certainly from a belief view point anyway!

Our financial state is no more than a mirror reflection of our beliefs, therefore it can not be changed with capital, with “correct idea”, “perfect opportunity” nor any amount of “luck”

As our beliefs are internal it becomes an internal journey of discovery opposed to pointless attempt after attempt from an external viewpoint!

Passive income is an extremely important link or part of becoming financially free, so that your income is no longer a reflection of your effort, time and input.

Passive income might require some effort to set up correctly, but once done the system should run it self leaving you the time to establish an 2nd stream of passive income.

Passive Income opportunities are readily available all over the world and all over South Africa is it is in any other country. One simply needs to be prepared to be open and do careful research on the different opportunities and if needed get expert advice about an opportunity.

Most people end up in a situation where their personal income, their personal finances are in hands of another person being their employer. This mean the individual earning potential is depended on what the employer see fit.

Everybody that take financial freedom seriously should explore business ideas, how they can create an additional income, take the extra income and leverage it through another investment to even more!

In our seminars we train and teach ways to make money, whether full time or part time as a part time extra income. At same time we teach delegates to leverage this extra income to its optimal potential.

Trade your way to financial freedom is a concept everybody can learn and apply in many different ways. All forms of activity be it Trading in futures in Global markets, investing in shares, investing in property, running a side line business, investing in a business are all forms off “ trade your way to financial freedom”

The steps to financial freedom really start with a firm decision, followed by a game plan that will firstly produce financial stability from where one should work on financial independence and as last step then financial freedom.

When considering the desire and the importance of financial freedom, one should be open and willing to get financial advice, most people see their finances as a personal matter and have great difficulty to discuss this with others that can give them valuable input and advice.

Everybody’s ability to achieve financial freedom is exactly the same, it is mostly depended on their ability to think differently, accept that they way in which they went about it the past didn’t work and it is time for a new way of thinking!

If ever you do decide to get serious about financial freedom, understand that financial freedom is 80% mindset [internal] and 20% mechanics [external].

So if you are ready to change your life, to change your financial situation for the rest of your life, then make sure you secure a seat in our upcoming seminar soon.

Our seminars have been designed to get delegates in a state where they can produce their own financial freedom ideas, and tips

Secure your seat TODAY, AFTER ALL the seminar is 100% free, no catches, no strings attached!

Again let me urge you to truly be open to simply just explore – no risk, no cost, at the very worst, you are in for 3 hours of your time!

If financial freedom is not worth 3 hours of your time, or you can't afford to find 3 hours in your schedule……. You might just understand why the majority of people simply never get there!

Considering that our training is solely training there is no “investment opportunity of a lifetime” nor any product that you can possibly buy from us nor any network of any sort of shape that you must join or can join……

What can you possibly lose?? 3 hours!

Change your life today!

Secure a seat today!

Hope to meet you soon!

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