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Developing High Self Confidence To Overcome Low Self Esteem

Self esteem is a quality that is acquired from ones surroundings or background. It is modified by what happens to you as a child at home or at school, in your job and in your pleasure time. A person who has low self esteem lacks confidence and is hampered in their advancement through life.

Low self esteem can be brought about by a number of factors - divorce or separation, whether one's own or that of one's parents can blow apart a person's self esteem, blaming themselves for what has happened. A person's physical attributes and how they are accepted or rejected by others can also have a great effect on their self esteem, as can continued exposure to criticism from one's peers. Low self esteem is extremely common, but it can be corrected, and the first step in building up self esteem is to recognize one's own shortcomings, only then can one take a course of positive action to build confidence.

Self esteem can be summed up as being the way you look at yourself or put a price on yourself in terms of your job, your activities and your rapport with family, friends and work colleagues. If you realize that you are suffering from low self esteem and you wish to take steps to build confidence, there are a number of ways that you can do this. One excellent way of building self esteem is to take a course in public speaking, and there are several organizations that you can join where this can be undertaken; organizations such as Junior Chamber International, Dale Carnegie, Toastmasters and Rostrum. Public speaking is a confidence building exercise that can be undertaken by anyone, and although your very first attempt will probably have your heart racing with nervousness, it doesn't take very long for your confidence to be built up to high levels.

Our ability to gaining self confidence is really dependent on our willingness to move out of our comfort zone, to get uncomfortable is often the first steps to restoring self confidence.

How to be Confident in the end is being prepared to be open and even vulnerable at times. If we are prepared to tackle what makes us uncomfortable, and in fact do whatever makes us un comfortable we have taken a massive step towards becoming more confident.

Self Confidence is something we ALL should grow and develop. Most people make the mistake of thinking they don’t have a low self esteem, yet they do and it manifest in many different ways in their lives.

Self Image is very often miss understood or down played. The self image we have of our self is not necessary correct nor how others see us.

Building Self Confidence is really a ongoing task, over many years people everybody have some failures, where we fail to achieve whatever we wanted to achieve, these failures more than often effect us, and future attempts to achieve whatever it might be that we then want to achieve, hence the immense importance of positive thinking, and ongoing working on our confidence levels and building of self confidence.

How to Get Self Confidence or gain self confidence or even how to restore self confidence is again a learnable skill, that we teach in our seminars.

There are a few corner stones for becoming more confident

  1. Self Motivation,
  2. Self Improvement,
  3. Positive attitude in the Workplace, positive attitude at home, positive attitude towards environment etc,
  4. Positive thinking
  5. Surround yourself with positive people!

How are you going to go about recognizing your own shortcomings or insecurities? What is it that makes you feel ashamed or second-rate? Take a good look at yourself. Is it your looks? Are you overweight? Do you have a bad complexion? Do you stammer? Recognize what it is that's causing your low self esteem and write it down. Whatever it is that is causing your lack of confidence, it won't go away overnight. It's going to take time, so learn to live with it and accept it bit by bit, day by day. Remember that even the best stage actors are nervous on their first night. Even that most famous of all actresses, Sarah Bernhardt, admitted to being terrified every time she walked onto a stage. Learn to accept your shortcomings and you will soon start developing self confidence. Work Your Wealth uses ground breaking training workshops that will help you to recognize your areas of low self esteem, and will help you to build up your self confidence.

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