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Beliefs - Non-Serving Vs. Serving.

Take a young child playing with his favourite toy and in the process he believes to be the "hero", or whatever it might be. A young child playing with his favourite superhero toy invariably gets so involved with his game, lives himself into the game they are playing, and behaving like the "hero" would, taking actions that that "hero" would.

The point of the above example is that when we are young, we find it possible and very easy to be anything we want to be. We are able to believe this with any real effort.

The other way of putting this - Take your life of a few years ago, let's say 5 years ago and for a minute ponder on your life and in particular, your beliefs, dreams and desires and compare it to your beliefs and reality of today. Then reflect on your beliefs, dreams and desires of 10 years ago and compare it to your beliefs and reality of today.

You can keep on repeating the exercise and go as far back as you wish ......

The simple point is that when we are younger we believe we can be and achieve whatever we want to be and whatever we want to achieve, however, years later when we take stock and look at the reality of our lives, something went wrong somewhere!

It's at this point where we have to press "the pause button" on our lives and urgently reconsider .......

Whilst considering this, the first factor to consider is why is there such a discrepancy between the beliefs, dreams and desires we had when we were younger and our reality of years later! Secondly, we need to evaluate whether or not we are prepared to do "whatever it takes" to create a life of choice, live our desires, and live our dream.

Basically what happens is as the circle of life carries on, we get caught up in life and over and above this, there is the factor of beliefs that will always run our lives based on the beliefs, and in the end, the source we believe in will always create our reality.

Over the years we are exposed to millions of messages literally pouring into our brains and although we can't remember them, they certainly are there at a sub-conscious level.

These messages create beliefs, some of them serving and some of them non-serving. Also known as conditioning and programming.

Either way, the nett effect is beliefs at a sub-conscious level are determining the way we feel, the way we feel determining what we think, our thoughts determining our actions, our actions determining our results and the results re-enforcing the strength of the original source


The fact is all your desires, life of choice is within your reach providing you are prepared to take action and take steps that can change your life.

There's no getting away from the need to change the way you do things, the way you think about things, beliefs, etc, should you wish to change your life.

Until such time that you take the decision to change, you will keep on repeating/creating your previous results!

Work Your Wealth’s range of courses have all been specifically engineered to achieve this so that you can live a life of choice!

We specialise in assisting people to break this vicious circle and trap that they find themselves in through highly interactive workshops and seminars.

You have a very simple choice, keep on procrastinating and thinking and dreaming about it or maybe even keep thinking and putting your hopes on winning the lotto or maybe even for your ship to come in, or maybe the right opportunity to present itself ….


You can take a firm decision, commit to it by taking action and get yourself on a course or workshop of your choice that will enable you to overcome whatever it is that’s holding you back.

Your beliefs at a sub conscious level determine your outcome! We consistently produce certain outcomes in our lives….. if your outcome is not what you want it to be, it simply means there are certain beliefs that are holding you back, that is simply not serving you and where you want to go, nor what you want!

There is only one way to change the outcome in your life – change the cause – the belief!

The difficult part of course is to do it on your own! Our seminars have been designed specifically to help with this!

Our seminars not only teach you how, it helps you discover your limiting beliefs!

At the very same time the seminars will not only give you tools to change your beliefs, the seminar will help you change the belief there and then!

So if you are ready to start living the life you were meant to

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