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Investing for current and future benefit has become much more involved than a few years ago.

There are many investment strategies that individuals can follow, ranging from low risk strategies to high risk strategies. Low risk strategies will deliver fairly low return on the amount invested, and likewise, high risk strategies will deliver very high returns.

Everybody can and should be an investor that actually assumes responsibility for their lives, their finances and specifically becoming financially free!

Most people never start investing due to their belief that they can’t invest on their own, that it is too hard or risky, or some don’t even know that everybody is entitled to invest on their own, some simply have no idea where to start, others think that they need massive amounts of money to start investing, in the end these beliefs keep them from investing on their own, and exploring possibilities!

Due to this massive problem, and simply unfounded belief in people, Work Your Wealth offers 100% free information seminars that anybody can and should attend, and at the very least be exposed to the possibilities if nothing else!

Due to a lack of clarity and understanding, most individuals pick the wrong investment opportunities and in some cases end up with an investment with just about no risk, and in the end with just about no growth, others on the other hand get carried away with an incredibly high promised return and go for an investment opportunity that is simply too good to be true, and could end up losing everything by picking the wrong investment opportunity.

There are many different investment companies that will offer an opportunity to invest in a particular company. All individuals should take the greatest of care and make sure they pay due diligence before investing without enough research in investment companies.

There are many investment brokers that handle investments on behalf of their clients, and typically you will find some incredibly good brokers that do in fact give their clients incredible returns, but nonetheless, there are also investment brokers that are not truly investment brokers that will seek the best possible investment strategy on behalf of their client, they are more likely salesmen selling a particular product on behalf of the larger financial institutions, typically commission agents. Individuals should take great care to differentiate whether they are using an investment broker or a commission agent.

There too are many different investment solutions on the market that cater for a very wide range of investment requirements and needs. Every individual solution will be different to another and one should take great care to ensure the investment solution being offered is in fact the right solution given your unique circumstances.

The most important factor is to select options that will suit you best, opposed to settling on what gets offered to you that is possibly not in your best interest! At the same time you might not get all the information you need from your conventional and historical source, again another reason why Work Your Wealth offers 100% FREE seminars to make sure you have enough and the correct information to make an informed decision on what will work best for you!

There are many different types of investments ranging from property, to shares, to endowments, policies, etc. When it comes to investing money, one has got to make very sure that one picks the right type of investment that will collectively deliver the required outcome, in investment schemes where a small investor can ultimately benefit by participating in the correct investment options and schemes. There are many options where a small investor can invest in an investment scheme where there are substantial amounts involved and due to the size of the collective investment, the small investor can receive an incredible return on their investment.

Sadly most people spend their entire lives saving and investing, but it becomes questionable whether they have indeed invested in the correct products and correct ratio’s between risk versus returns. One can clearly see this in the very extremely low percentage of individuals who can afford to at least sustain themselves in retirement, let alone the minimal percentage that are moving forward in their wealth creation drive and their aspiration to become financially free!

When it comes to deciding on investment options, extreme clarity is needed to ultimately invest in the best investment that will in fact deliver the right outcome for the investor.

Best investments are made and tailored around the individuals circumstances and required outcome.

Savings and investments are often confused by investors, there's a massive difference between saving and investing. We place a lot of emphasis on investing for beginners in our seminars so that they can understand and clearly differentiate between the difference..

Let's take investing and shares for example, when it comes to investing in shares there is a completely different strategy that needs to be followed than when investing in property. Likewise there is a very different strategy on property investment between let's say, investing in the residential market opposed to the commercial property investment market. In fact, investing in residential properties has completely different "rules" and strategies than retail and commercial properties.

At the end of the day, it's ultimately all about return on investment versus risk, and again, that is why the correct investment strategies are so critical. Let's take a very young individual that would like to invest now with a long term view versus somebody that is virtually at the end of their working career and nearing retirement, the investment products would be very different, the investment products chosen and the investment opportunity chosen will be very different for the young individual opposed to the individual at retirement age.

Ultimately, investment should be seen by an individual as a business and needs a very definite business strategy.

Individual circumstances, i.e., cash flow available, required outcome, period of time available, capital available, skills and know how should all form part of a business strategy and the purpose of this business is to deliver the required outcome.

The tradition to give it all to a so called specialist and to hope for the best is rapidly changing to investors playing a much more proactive role in their investment decisions. What brought this change about?

  1. Investors are much more informed with regards to growth versus inflation. In the past mainline inflation was the only inflation spoken about. Nowadays investors realize the effect of household inflation to be detrimental.
  2. Conventional products not even performing to their projected values have investors even more concerned about how secure their retirement packages are.
  3. The potential of an income stream to support retirement income is more and more a reality in the lives of the average South African.

All in all individuals are concerned and are looking for solutions all over the place, often losing even more of their retirement funding in worthless scams and ponzy schemes.

Maybe the question that should have been asked in the first place is how do banks and financial institutions create their wealth? Is it not possible for me to duplicate some of their practices in an effort to create wealth for myself?

The answer is of course the banks and financial institutions make their real profits by collecting the capital from you as their client via your savings, from where they put a substantial amount into the market by trading in property and trading global economy! Needless to say they would then pay a modest return to you in the form of interest from profits , the good news is there is absolutely nothing wrong with you doing the exact same, you can also rather invest in property or global market with trading PROVIDING you take the trouble of learning this skill! In fact I believe everybody should at the very least acquire the skill and knowledge, at least then they can make totally informed choices!

In our FREE seminars we encourage individuals to take up the challenge of learning how it works, and be informed!

The answer is, yes! People that duplicate some of the financial institutions practises to creating wealth often create wealth for themselves as well.

Trading and investing in the Global economy is a day to day practise financial institutions engage into.

Technology and the availability of knowledge has become much more accessible for individuals to be able to participate in an effort to reach financial independence and wealth creation alike.

Everybody can and should invest in different forms, to ultimately grow their own funds, by using leverage and achieving compounding growth.

The trick is where to go, what to invest in, how to invest, in fact this lack of knowledge, misperceptions, stop most individuals dead in their tracks! We have all heard many horror stories around people losing money in investments that went wrong, etc…. in the end it creates certain perceptions that investments are a risk that we should rather avoid at all costs, and rather play it safe and invest through the well known financial institutions in the form of normal savings accounts, etc...

What we all at the very least have to do is to at least explore our options, and explore new learning skills to invest better!

Work Your Wealth teaches you alternative ways of thinking through their FREE seminars. This might just be in your best interest!

At the very least you owe it to yourself to at least look at alternative ways!


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