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Entrepreneurial Development in South Africa

Entrepreneurial development programs in South Africa can only be described as lacking when compared with most of the developed world and with other third world countries. This is one of the reasons why Work Your Wealth has taken the initiative and stepped in to fill an otherwise almost empty breach.

All major universities in North America run entrepreneurial development programs.

Good examples are those run by MIT, Harvard and Canada’s Medicine Hat College. At a national level the US Small Business Administration has its own Office of Entrepreneurial Development and there are also many such organizations at state level. South Africa is sadly lacking in programs for potential entrepreneurs, and this is something we intend to change.

Entrepreneurial development is the practice of improving the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of individuals through prepared training and organizational building programs. What is the difference between an entrepreneur and the rest of the field? What are the qualities that make up an entrepreneur?

With a national unemployment figure of close to 25%, most school leavers that are not moving on to formal tertiary education end up in the first job that comes along, and are happy to do so, often staying in that job for many years. A good proportion of these seemingly complacent workers are excellent candidates for entrepreneurial development.

All it takes is a little persuasion, a change in attitude, determination and lots of positive thinking.

Entrepreneurs possess certain characteristics that set them aside from the rest of the work force. They have initiative, they continually look for new opportunities, they set and attain goals, they take moderate risks, they plan systematically, and they are persistent and are responsible for their own decisions. Above all they are their own boss, answering to no-one. So how do you make the change from your present rather mundane job and join the ranks of the few?

You are the only person responsible for your being in your present situation, and only you can make the change. The very first step is to change your frame of mind from the negative to positive – thereafter there is help available. Work Your Wealth runs a series of entrepreneurial development workshops and seminars and can help you to break away from the mundane and recognize your true capability.

Your present frame of mind has been moulded and formed over your whole life. You may be in your present job because it was the first one that came along, or maybe because of peer pressure. But understand this – you are unique, and whoever you are, you have special qualities – each of us has. You have qualities or talents that you can offer to others, maybe even sell to them.

The first step is to believe in yourself. Once you do so, and once you have adopted a positive mindset, the world will become your oyster. Work Your Wealth will show you how to go about this and set yourself on the path to a Life of Choice, in which you are your own boss and answer to no-one.

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