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The importance of Confidence, and how Low Self Esteem or lack of Confidence will hold you back

On the outset let me immediately motivate the importance of having Confidence. Most people believe there is no problem with their Confidence level, nor do they have Low Self Esteem problems. According to studies, 1 in 3 people do indeed suffer from a lack of Confidence and Low Self Esteem.

To determine your position on this simply take some time to really dig deep and check if you do in fact have the Confidence to achieve your goals, or do you perhaps have a list of goals never achieved with an accompanying list motivating why goals haven’t been met.

So often people don’t achieve their goals but they don’t realize nor want to realize the real reason, they use all sorts of reasons that they then use to justify the situation with.

Very often this real reason is a lack of Confidence in their ability to realize the particular goal.

A perfect example for this would be: let’s say I believe it is impossible for me to run or sprint in a 100 metre race under 10 seconds, based on this belief, I will have very little confidence or the ability to do so, hence there is no ways I will achieve a 100 metre sprint race in under 10 seconds regardless of my training input. In fact my training input would be in vain and pointless.

On the other hand if I were to change my belief from that it is impossible to that it is in fact possible and achievable for me to achieve that, as I result I will have confidence in my ability to do so, hence I will without any doubt be able to achieve that providing of course that I train enough and correctly, etc.

In other cases they might need some help in the form of resources they lack but don’t have the Confidence to obtain the lacking resources or ask for help.

Let’s use an example of you having a brilliant invention that you believe will add a lot of value to the market and peoples lives, but you lack the resources to produce the product.

In such cases most people in the above situation keep on thinking about how great their invention is, but they never get beyond that as they lack the resources to produce it, they simply lack the Confidence to approach prospect investors that might be willing to invest in this project. Until such time that they overcome the lack of Confidence in order for them to go to prospect investors, the great invention will remain a dream in their minds and would never proceed, nor materialize.

Sometimes a lack of Confidence manifests in the form of fear, let’s use the same example in the above, but change the lack of Confidence in asking for funding into fear. Let’s say you have this brilliant product or invention but you lack the resources to produce and you have a lack of Confidence in your ability to separate or differentiate between investors that will abuse your lack of funding and exploit you from sincere investors who will be prepared to fund your project without exploiting you.

Again in the above example you won’t move forward with your project as you fear being exploited and losing out.

We can use the same example and add lack of Confidence in your ability to succeed, this could result in fear of failure, and the fear of failure will hold you back from implementing your project to the example. Again until the core problem of a lack of Confidence that manifested in the form of fear has been resolved, this fear will hold you back from moving forward.

Regardless what example one uses, a lack of Confidence can cost you very dearly.

Most often a lack of Confidence or Low self Esteem is not recognised as the core problem, and until that is dealt with, no real progress can be made.

Bearing in mind, regardless of what your goals are in life, the goal will require certain changes and the changes will take place only in the presence of Confidence to effect this required change.

Work Your Wealth addresses this problem through innovative training in courses and workshops that allows participants to recognize the areas that they lack Confidence in, and at the same time provides the required tools to overcome a lack of Confidence.

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