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Regardless of who you are, at the end of the day I am very convinced everybody is seeking meaning and purpose in their life, I have personally yet to meet and find somebody that wouldn’t desperately want to add more meaning to their life!


I am regularly asked during my training sessions “how does a person find purpose in life?”, or “what can I do to find meaning in my life?” or even "what can be done to add meaning to life?"

Anybody lying on their death bed will tell you life is very precious, extremely valuable, and incredibly short, therefore make every single minute count!

Let me put it this way….. If today was your last day….. What would you do today?

Hopefully you are deeply aware of how short life is, and assume you have only one life…. And therefore deeply committed to living the fullest life you possibly can!

To find more meaning and purpose in life one can explore many different tools and vehicles, but at the end of the day, they will ALWAYS lead back to personal growth and personal development!

I am amazed daily with how much effort and energy people put into all sorts of aspects to their life; career, etc, but extremely little, IF ANY, on personal growth and development!

Certainly the demanding times we live in, the way people are taught and conditioned in so many different ways to become dependent on instant gratification, all adds up and people end up living from the one day to the next, life becomes about one’s ability to survive from one day to the next!

Even when it comes to adding more meaning and purpose to life, I am always asked at training sessions how to add more value, joy and satisfaction, more purpose to life fast?

The answer will always remain the same – through personal growth that can only be facilitated through personal development, there simply is no pill or quick fix……

The first thing to do when one realizes the true value of life, and decide to, in fact, add more meaning and purpose to their life, is to commit to personal growth through personal development that will always take us back to the question of “what is it that you really want?”

Once we have clearly found clarity on what we want, we can start the process of how to create exactly that! The only way we can create what we really want is in the presence of absolute clarity, as this clarity forms the foundation of what needs to be created!

I continuously find that new students are very fast to say I want……. [This or that…… ], but once they travel on the way to personal growth, they soon realize that what they thought they wanted wasn’t what they really wanted on a much deeper level! The obvious answer of what we really want at a much deeper level is very rarely the immediate or obvious answer, for this reason, so few people get to their desired end result as most get lost in what they think they want, only to find out they are still looking, and what they found wasn’t what they were looking for…..

As much as the subject of adding more meaning or purpose to life might seem either irrelevant or less important at face value, and to others way too daunting. Rest assured, the rewards of going down this road goes way beyond your wildest dreams!

Nothing is more fulfilling than finding meaning or purpose to life!

A life of meaning and purpose is YOUR birthright, YOU just have to find and claim it!

The question is are you ready for this journey? Are you ready to write the next chapter of your life? Are you ready to find true meaning and purpose?

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