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Build Confidence

Self Confidence is a fundamental corner-stone of wealth creation that we unfortunately so easily underestimate and often totally ignore! Over the years I have met many people with massive potential, awesome ideas, incredible vision, but they lack the self confidence to implement and act on their ideas, what an incredible waste!

Building self confidence IS NOT always easy, taken into account the influence of society that basically teaches people it is not acceptable to “boast” or blow “your own trumpet”, etc, this is all well and good, but in end often the net effect of this influence is a low self esteem.

After all in most cases there was an ongoing influence to be modest, etc, after years of this influence there is a massive need to building self confidence back to an acceptable level where the individual can in fact take the action he needs to take in order to create his dream life!

Confidence is one of the key ingredients in the recipe of success, and without the required self-development all our great ideas will end in nothing, we will simply not take the action. Our minds will discount the idea and keep us within our comfort zone on an ongoing basis!

There are many reasons why people have a low self esteem or lack of self confidence, to name a few

  • Unhappy childhood

  • Unsupportive families

  • Unanswered love

  • Negative influence

  • History of failure, missing goals continuously

There are many more reasons and causes for such low self-esteem. I address these on an ongoing basis in our newsletters and articles!

Apart from keeping us where we are, low self confidence can and in most cases will destroy us in other areas of our lives as well!

Let’s take relationships: a person who fails at business often fails due to underlying low self esteem caused by rejection by a loved one, every aspect of our lives are interconnected and if we fail in a certain area, it is not at all to say the failure was caused in that specific part of our lives, in other words, a lack of skill or lack of motivation to do something, it could very easily be caused in a totally different aspect of our life!

The other side of the coin is also true that a lack of skill or desire or the correct business model can often be overcome by the strength of our love life, fuelling us with a drive that overtakes our shortfalls in other areas.

Success in a certain aspect of our lives can also destroy another side of our lives; the key of course is a balance!

Self worth

Self worth is of paramount importance in the process and the strife for wealth creation and leading a fulfilled life in all aspects!

It is mind blowing when one carefully analyzes peoples failures and successes and come to the staggering realization that self worth is far more important than we can possibly imagine! The amount of failures directly related to low self worth and that caused by rejection is staggering.

There are people that suffer from such a severe lack of self worth that they FULLY believe that they are not worthy of success and not worthy of love, nor worthy of financial freedom. This is all caused by pain in some or the other! Worst even is that the pain was not caused intentionally, nor with the realization of damage.

Self Respect

In some cases self respect is so low, that individuals become addicted to lets say drugs, etc, the drug itself is not the real problem, it is merely the symptom of the deeper problem being very low self worth or self respect.

In many cases the low self esteem and self worth could be so severe that individuals will sabotage their own success and even loved ones, not because they want to, in fact they don’t even realize they are doing it, they are simply not aware!

 In the end we all need to build our self esteem and build our own self confidence, if we want to live a life of choice and meaning and purpose.

The question is how to be confident, how to restore self confidence, how to build self confidence, how to overcome low self esteem?

Self image

Self image is how we see ourselves, the problem is that often how we see ourselves is not the true picture, there is something else at hand and the picture we have is NOT the true picture!

Self improvement

Self improvement AS A TERM – implies we must improve by becoming better, in truth we should return to state of birth, at the time of birth we were born with everything needed to be everything we were meant to be…… but as time goes by we somehow lose that state of perfection in the sense of having everything we need, and buy into the idea of improving, of becoming better. In the process we lose what we had to begin with, so in many ways self-improvement should really self-restore rather than improve!
Needless to say it is a process that we all have to undertake of self discovery and correction where needed.

For some it might happen in a single moment and others will take a bit of time, either way it is a journey that can’t be ignored nor postponed! The faster we start this journey the quicker we can live our desired life!

The key to growing self confidence, self esteem and self worth is to surround yourself with positive people, get involved in a personal development programme where you can firstly become aware of what is holding you back, and to learn how to beat low self esteem and self confidence!

So many people look at their lives and say they never started their dream business because of lack of capital, lack of security, lack of opportunity, to many other responsibilities or whatever the case might be, BUT the real truth of the matter is they were held back by their limiting beliefs, and lack of confidence and low self esteem.

Our minds do play tricks on us, we think we were held back by lack of capital, other commitments, whatever the case might be, but in the end it is simply not true, deep down there is a low self esteem, low self worth, lack of self confidence that caused the situation, lack of capital is merely our wrapping of the deeper problem, mostly as these deep emotions cause pain we tend to rather wrap it in something else to make it way more acceptable to us!

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