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Building Self Esteem

Building self esteem, working on our self image, building self confidence,  as much as many people firmly believe they needn’t worry about this, believing they simply don’t have a problem, I would strongly urge EVERYBODY to explore this on an ongoing basis, and take self confidence very seriously.

I wouldn't be far off saying that factually 9 out of every 10 people suffer from a low self esteem.

This will simply mean that 9 out of every 10 people need to be working hard in building their self esteem.

Have you ever stopped to think how your life would have been if you were to take different actions? Or how your life would look if you were to take every challenge that came your way head on?

If we are very honest with ourselves 9 out of every 10 people will have to admit that they have over the years let countless opportunities go by and slip away as they were unable to get themselves so far to do something about it at the time! As much as they might have wanted to do something, or take action at the time they, for whatever reason, were unable to take the action.

What people simply don’t realize is that a lack of confidence will keep you back in so many ways far more than we realize!

In most cases people know exactly what action to take to get the required outcome they want, but they fail to take that action time and time again . In fact their minds play games with them and discount the idea or the thought they had in mind and they will then simply discard the thought to take action.

Our minds are an incredibly powerful tool, but will always find ways to keep us where we are within what is familiar and within what the mind perceives to be safe!

Low self esteem will put us in a situation of where we consistently let opportunities go by, it will put us in a situation where we just keep on accepting things the way they are, we might be deeply unhappy with something, but will fail to take any form of action that can in fact change the situation due to the lack of confidence to take action!

Low self esteem or lack of self confidence leads to just accepting things and can very quickly turn into a form of depression.

Amongst others I get students to face up to the root of their problem in my training, as only once we have faced our problems then can we start moving forward.

One of the best ways to work on building self esteem is keep a life journal, and go back into your history as far as you can, and then record all successes versus all failures, this helps students to realize their self worth and with the help of a number of different activities we get students to build their self esteem very fast.

Once the required level of self esteem is achieved, the trick lies in maintaining that level, but again there is a number of ways we teach students to maintain that level of self esteem and self confidence with very little effort!

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In the end don’t allow a low self esteem or lack of confidence keep you from your greatest life!

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