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Build Online Passive Income

Having a passive income is an extremely important tool for creating wealth. “Interesting” you may muse, but what exactly is a passive income? Let me explain. A passive income is an income source that you don’t have to work for. So, that immediately excludes your monthly salary, but it does include a pension.

You may be one of those thousands of people who commute to work every day. If so then you probably waste valuable time stuck in the rush hour traffic.

In addition there is a good probability that you really don’t like your job that much, but you’re scared of the possible consequences of quitting. Right now you are in your comfort zone, and to quit without first having another job lined up would be unthinkable.

Having a passive income, whatever the source, comes with a number of advantages:

  • You become free from any financial restraints

  • You can spend your time entirely as you wish

  • You are your own boss

  • You get to spend more time with your family

  • You have the satisfaction of helping others

  • You become free from worrying about your retirement

  • You have complete control over your future

There are several ways of building a passive income, but today I want to concentrate on building a passive income through the Internet. Just 20 years ago the Internet was a small collection of scholastic websites. Few people realised back then what a huge impact it was going to have in the future. Today there are millions of websites and more than 2.5 billion users throughout the world. Millions of dollars change hands daily, and there is no reason why you should not take a small share of this by creating online passive income yourself. If you check out our FREE newsletter through the form on this page you will find some further interesting reading on this and related subjects.

Most, though not all, of the income made from the Internet is in the form of advertising revenue. To make use of this you will need to have an online presence in the form of a website – or preferably several websites. Another way is to become an affiliate of a popular web company such as Amazon, who will pay you a small percentage of any items sold through your websites.        

The mere fact that you are reading this page tells me that you have a desire to better your life and to take the first steps on the road to financial freedom and a life of abundance. Welcome!

Work Your Wealth is an altruistic company striving to assist individuals such as yourself in changing their lives for the better. We run a series of workshops and seminars all over South Africa. These explain the different ways of changing your life for the better. When you attend one of these workshops you’ll get to meet some individuals who have also decided to take the plunge, and others who already have a passive income and know what benefits it can bring.

To learn more about these courses and specifically about how to set about building an online passive income, sign up now for our Work Your Wealth Newsletter – it’s FREE and it contains a wealth of important information.

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