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Are you thinking of starting up a new business? Do you already have a small business that needs a bit of a boost? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, or indeed if you think that a business consultant could assist you in even the smallest way, then you have come to the right place.

The Work Your Wealth team of business professionals has put together an invaluable seminar that is guaranteed to give any business a jump start – a kick in the right direction.

Thousands of people decide to start their own small business every year, but because they lack the basics more than half of them fail during the first 12 months and at least 90% will fail before they are 5 years old.

Our team of business consultants has put together a brilliant seminar that will explain to you how and why this happens, and what you can do about it to make your business succeed.

This is not a management or leadership course – there’s nothing wrong with those, but they will not give you the information that you’ll get from our seminar. The business plan we give you will enable you to start up a dream business with just what you have – nothing more.

Once you’ve completed this seminar you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that, with the knowledge you’ve learned you’ll be able to place your business among the small percentage that succeed.

The people you’ll be hearing from in this remarkable business training session will be individuals who have successful businesses – they have all been there and done it – they’ve succeeded.

They will tell you how and why they succeeded, and how you can succeed.

The seminar will get down to the fundamentals of running a business. It will show you how to put together a business plan that is guaranteed to give you an advantage over your competitors, how to deal with cash flow problems, how to avoid staff problems and indeed how to motivate your staff in such a way that they will passionately want to help make the business succeed.   

There is no magic to this course. Every individual has the ability to start up and successfully run a business with only what they have got. What you learn on this seminar you won’t find in any business text books or in a business management course.

Here you will learn the basics, and you’ll hear them straight from the lips of successful individuals who have been there and made it.  

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