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Conference Speakers

It has become an accepted thing for both corporations and smaller organizations to add a touch of fire to their conferences by engaging a motivational speaker. Conference speakers are usually professional motivational speakers who can draw noteworthy interest and awareness for your conference by means of the strength of their reputation and their past performance.

In addition conference speakers are excellent communicators who have the ability to enthuse and encourage interaction and commitment from your conference attendees.

A great guest speaker will be sure to deliver a motivational speech that inspires guests and employees alike, and that attendees will talk about for weeks, if not months, to come.

Conray Labuschagne of Work Your Wealth is such a speaker. Based in Ballito KZN, Conray is undoubtedly the most highly trained motivational speaker in the country in respect of his particular field, which is showing individuals through training sessions how to create wealth by changing their frame of mind and motivating themselves through positive thought and affirmations.

He is heavily involved in the personal mentoring programs that are part of the continual program of workshops and seminars organized by Work Your Wealth.

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Conray became a motivational conference speaker after seeking the answer to some questions that had bothered him for years, specifically, what was it that allowed some individuals to lead a Life of Choice and not others?

Some special skill maybe? Determined to solve the answers to these questions he set off on a journey of discovery and learning under some of the greatest business minds in the world.

His quest for an answer took him to the USA, where during 13 trips he received training and mentorship from some of the biggest names in the motivation and wealth creation fields, namely Blair Singer (creator of SalesDogs methodologies), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For Soul series), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup For Soul series), Donald Trump and Brian Tracy, who helped over 4 million people achieve their goal.

Today Conray is the kingpin behind Work Your Wealth and is personally involved in countless workshops and seminars.

He is a professional motivational conference speaker whose communication skills have helped thousands to escape from a world of mediocrity and negativity. Not everyone can be a good public speaker.

He or she has to use body language and gestures, eye contact, words have to be articulate correctly, good and effective quotations used at the right time, and the voice must be kept interesting.

To sum up, the good public speaker must demonstrate enthusiasm, confidence, sincerity, humour and a first-rate understanding of his or her subject. Conray Labuschagne has all of these qualities.

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