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Create a Millionaire Mindset

Hundreds of individuals would like to know what the millionaire secret is. The truth is that there is no big millionaire secret – it’s all in the mind, literally! You have already taken your first step, the next step along the road to financial freedom is to get rid of your present low self esteem and to create a millionaire mindset. Let’s think about that statement.

Every individual is conditioned during his or her life by their experiences and their environment. Most people, and this is especially so in South Africa where there is such a high rate of unemployment, most people are content to take the first job that comes along after leaving school. Not only are they content to take that first job offer, they are also happy to stay in it. After all, it’s a job!

If you really want to achieve financial freedom you are going to have to do something about your state of mind. You have been stuck in that rut of a job because you have been in your comfort zone, and it’s really difficult to break out of a comfort zone.

But if you want to achieve that millionaire mindset you really have to start thinking positively. Positive thoughts attract positive happenings. You can read a lot more about this subject in our FREE newsletter, which has regular articles on the subject.

Throughout the ages there have always been a small percentage of any population who have been the leaders, the explorers, and those who have always been a step ahead of the run of the mill man in the street.

It just so happens that these are also the individuals who have mastered positive thinking – in effect they have a millionaire mind. It has been shown in recent years that banks are not all that they claim to be. Remember this – banks are organizations that are there for one reason – to make a profit. Banks, and in particular South African banks, will take your last cent if they can.

Make some goals now – write them down. Destroy your credit cards – they are one of the worst stumbling blocks on the road to financial freedom.

There is one rule that you should keep to along the road – spend less than you earn!

No amount of determination and self discipline is going to help you to achieve an unrealistic goal, so when you write down your goals, start off with some pragmatic ones. You can always add the more ambitious goals later. Once you have your mind thinking along the right lines, keep at it. Financial freedom is not going to be achieved overnight – it’s going to take time. The important thing is to get those first steps on the road and moving in the right direction. There are tools to help you achieve a life of choice, and Work Your Wealth can assist you in this regard, especially if you attend one of our workshops.

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