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Double my Money

No doubt everybody will want to double their money in as short a period of time as possible! Very few achieve this, not because it is hard to achieve, or impossible to achieve, in fact it is very easy to double money in a very short period of time! Without taking any undue or high risks. In fact there is no need to take risks if you want to double your money.

There are a number of ways to do this, but I will focus on 2 methods that are rock solid ways and that everybody can use to double their money in a very short period of time. Trading in Global markets

Providing an individual has the correct skills and know how this can be exceptionally lucrative, so much so that one can let’s say trade in crude oil

When trading in crude oil you have the following massive benefits

    1. Leverage – You can make money from the global need and demand for crude oil.
    2. Gearing – Depending what platform you choose, the market maker will gear you anything from 10 times what you put into the trade to as much as 200 times more!

Trading is the oldest form of economy and goes back to ancient times.   

Depending on quality of skills and know how, combined with experience will allow an individual to comfortably earn massive returns, 10 to 30% per month is extremely possible and achievable with a bit of practice. Needless to say there is no limit to what you can earn; the amount you earn will be a reflection of your skills and experience.

Most platforms will offer a large variety of possible commodities to trade ranging from crude oils, Forex, Silver, Gold to shares! My advice would be to pick the maximum of 2 to specialize in, and really get to understand this market.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is a very viable method and tool for wealth creation.

In the end your ability to make money and double your money in a very short period of time is directly linked to your level of skills and experience! The key to success in Trading is to strive for mastery.

Experienced traders can easily double their money with minimal effort 4 to 6 times a year. Very advanced traders can do so monthly. Bottom line, everybody can get to this level.
Rest assured learning how to trade in the market, is in fact a learnable skill if you are determined to achieve it and make it happen. I have yet to meet the person who really wanted to learn this skill but were unable to do so!

Property Investments

Again a very sure way to double your money is through property, mostly in buy to rent out models.

Depending on what market your investment property appeals to, the market demand for property in that price bracket will determine the period of time it will take to double in value.

On average I would say the entry level properties normally double in value in the shortest period of time.

In the case of average entry level residential property one can comfortably achieve to double your money in 3 to maximum 5 years.

In exceptional cases it can also be done where one can pick up financially distressed properties for half or even just under half the real value. In these cases the investor already effectively doubled his money.

Like anything else in life, there is a certain level of skill and know how needed, all still a learnable skill. Further to skill it is very important to have access to the correct deals at the correct price.

In the end one just has to think a bit bigger and realize that if you really want to be in a position where you can double your money in a very short period of time, all you need is the correct skills and know how!

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