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Executive Coaching SA

Utilizing Executive Coaching to unlock the latent potential in individuals in order to maximize their future accomplishments and achievements. Executive coaching really only came about after the conclusion of the second world war, when numerous redundant officers, suddenly finding themselves without a job, decided to utilize the leadership talents they had learned in the armed forces

and impose them upon industrial and commercial management in the form of leadership and motivational courses.

Executive coaching today is usually offered either at an individual level or, when offered to a specific business organisation, to a group within that organisation. More recently the training has incorporated leadership games and motivational adventure competitions. Executive coaching courses have been designed to make an individual’s or a group’s personal development easier with a result of improved performance in the work place. Many of today’s executive coaches have concentrated their efforts in a particular area of expertise, so, for example, we might well find sports psychology experts attached to a national team, such as the Springboks.

Whatever area they specialize in, executive coaches need to be aware of any specific motivational needs by individuals or groups. By subscribing to the Work Your Wealth FREE weekly newsletter you can learn more about the workshops, seminars and individual mentoring that we offer.

Our mentoring program has been designed around individual requirements and is designed to help individuals attain their goals – it does this by holding each individual accountable. Coaches work with individuals helping them to draw up a list of goals and a plan of action on how to achieve them.

This program is vital to any individual that is totally committed to becoming a success, and you will find that most successful businessmen have achieved their position and goals with the help of a coach or mentor.

Work Your Wealth also has an ongoing executive coaching program that has been specifically designed for businesses, and differs from one business to the next depending on the individual business’s needs.

It is designed to be run as a workshop on your business premises with either all your staff or specific sections of your staff, depending on the size of the workforce.

This is an absolute ‘must’ if you are a business owner that wishes to take the business up to the next level. Many of the world’s top businesses have their own executive coach as a permanent member of their organization. It’s important for business owners to realize though that the executive coaching is not designed to tell them how to run their business, but rather to assess its needs and come up with a line of attack so that its key role players will deliver specific goals.

The coach should be looked upon more as a facilitator to brainstorm the staff and encourage them to deliver their input and suggestions for future strategy, and to set achievable goals that they are accountable for.

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