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Financial Freedom a myth or real? More importantly is it achievable? Is it achievable only for some or for everybody? Not only is it achievable for everybody, it is in fact, our birth right. A life of choice in all aspects is available for everybody! Sadly not everybody will achieve it, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. The majority will not achieve it,

not because they don’t deserve it, not because they don’t have enough money to set up a business, but simply because they think in the wrong way!

In my Wealth Creation seminars I always say “Wealth Creation is an inside job” it is no different to the acorn seed principal, we all know if we plant an acorn seed it will grow an acorn tree and not any other tree, likewise the way we think about money or wealth creation will determine our financial state.

Whatever your current financial position you can change it, if you firstly take a firm and unwavering decision to change it, secondly if you are prepared to accept FULL responsibility for your current financial state! We have no chance to achieve greatness in any area of our lives unless we accept full and 100% responsibility for our lives.

The blaming game simply never ever produces a success story, and equally “the accept full responsibility”” always delivers the desired outcome.

It is of utmost importance that you understand we create our lives through the things that we think about. This applies to finances as well.

Hundreds of thousands of people have effectively changed their lives around by simply changing the way they think. In fact I have yet to see a person fail in changing their financial position if they approach it from a mindset point of view.

At the same time there are very few people who effectively change their life by approaching it from an actual system or tool view point.

It is very rare that a person can achieve the required change by not taking massive action to change their underlying beliefs that created the outcome they now want to change.

The single most important message from this page is that wealth creation is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics, this is why the majority fail, they focus on the mechanics or tools or system they wish to use to create the wealth.

The problem is that by putting focus on the tool or system, the core of the problem never gets addressed; again understand our current financial position is nothing other than a mirror of what goes on inside of us. Our beliefs create our current financial position. Therefore the importance of addressing our mindset and beliefs first and foremostly. 

Once we have effectively changed our limiting beliefs into serving beliefs, financial success and financial freedom becomes an automatic end result.

There are many different ways to create financial freedom in the form of the following tools;

  • Internet income opportunities
  • Small home based businesses
  • Multi level marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Trading [forex]
  • Long term investments
  • Property Investments

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