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Goal Setting

The all-important thing to remember when setting out on the road to financial freedom is to achieve the right state of mind, or mindset. Once you have achieved this state of positive thinking, you next logical step is going to be setting goals. This holds true for both personal goals and business goals.

Having a set of explicit realistic goals will enable you to achieve far more in your quest for financial freedom than if the goals a vague and ambiguous. Your goals should also have specific timeframes to them.

If not your commitment to achieve them will be too nebulous. The timeframe you set must be realistic and measurable, and having a specific point in time by which to meet your goal gives you a clear target to work towards.

If you have a clear frame of mind when setting personal life goals, it will make them far easier to attain. However, they must be personal goals for them to succeed.

For example it will do you no good setting career goals that others want you to accomplish - you have to be the person that wants a specific target to be reached. If the goal is one that has been set by another person, such as your boss or your supervisor, your whole heart will not be out to realize it. Your goals have to be your goals and not someone else's.

Keep track on your goals on a daily basis - the more you think about them, the more your brain gets used to them and the closer you'll keep to that road to financial freedom. You will find many useful references to goal setting and how to achieve goals in our newsletter. When setting personal goals, make them neither too easy to attain nor too difficult. If they are too difficult then you're setting up a platform for failure, and if the goals are too easy, it will also set the scene for others to think you lack ambition.

An extremely important step in goal setting is to write down your goal in as much detail as possible. If your goal is 'a new car' that's far too vague, whereas 'a silver-grey BMW 3 series with automatic transmission and a 2 litre engine' gives you something specific to work towards.

One mistake made by many a goal setter is to set too many business goals at once. All too often this leads to the goal setter being drowned in a sea of confusion. If you try to accomplish too many goals at once, you will soon find that you're running out of energy and motivation. Rather set smaller achievable goals, and once achieved, reset a slightly higher or more difficult target. Look around for sources of inspiration that are directly related to your goal. Read articles, books and blogs - they can be a source of inspiration and an excellent way of boosting your motivation.

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