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How to Invest

“It’s just not fair. I seem to work harder and harder, for longer and longer, and never seem to be able to make ends meet.” These are sentiments that are widespread in today’s economic climate. How is it then that some people seem to be able to not only make ends meet, but enjoy a Life of Abundance?

The fact is that some 99% of the country’s population is of the same feeling as you. So what about the other 1%? What is so different about them? Let me show you how, in spite of the current economic downturn, it is possible to invest wisely in such a way as to make enough money to change your life from its present state into one of abundance, one where you don’t need to worry about how to make ends meet. The very first step towards this Life of Choice is to get yourself thinking along the right lines.

You will get nowhere if you continue thinking in a negative way, and must alter your mindset to one of positive thinking.

The way that you think will, in the end, determine the way you act. Adopting a millionaire mindset with positive thought and the use of affirmations will bring into play the universal Law of Attraction, which in turn will bring to you the means of investing.

Let us assume for the moment that you have already taken the first step and have got yourself into a positive mindset, for without this you will never get into a position of Financial Freedom. You now need to know what to invest in. There are three broad groups of investments, and the final choice will depend on several things. How much time you have to spend, your capital, and what return you would like to see.


  • Active Investments – can offer exceptionally high returns but usually require a certain amount of knowledge and skill, and can be quite time consuming. These include trading the global market and property investment in a buy to sell or flip mode.
  • Passive Investments – once set up require very little time. These include property investment in a buy to let mode, stocks and shares, and a business managed by a third party.
  • Savings – involve no time once set up, and involve little risk but small returns.

Here at Work Your Wealth we have put together a number of workshops and seminars from which hundreds of people have already benefitted.


From these workshops you will learn about the various choices of investment that are guaranteed to keep you well ahead of the local inflation rate, rather than the conventional ways of saving that come nowhere near to keeping you ahead of local price increases.

You will learn that, with just what you have right now, you can legally take home a small portion of the trillions of dollars that exchange hands every day. All it takes is positive thought, and an introduction to the method. A whole Life of Abundance lies ahead of you.

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