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How to be Confident

A lack of confidence and low self esteem go hand in hand, and are qualities that you must eradicate completely if you wish to change your life around for the better. It has been reliably shown that one in three individuals suffer from these two qualities, lack of confidence and or low self esteem.

Once you have overcome this lack of confidence there’s no looking back – the world is your oyster.

Your self-esteem has been shaped during your entire lifetime. It has been fashioned by the schools you’ve been to, by your family and the home environment, by your friends and by your colleagues at work.

The good news is that if you do suffer from low self esteem it is a quality, as is confidence, that itself can be worked upon and reversed. Yes – you can learn how to be confident!

Low self esteem and a lack of confidence are always accompanied by negativity, and this is the reason why you would never make a success of life without correcting the situation. At all costs, negativity has to be banished from your mind.

Your first step in building up self confidence is to change your state of mind. Take a good look at yourself. What are your weaknesses? Write them down on paper and write down some steps that you can take to change them.

These don’t have to be big steps – those can come later. These small steps will be your first goals on the way to eliminating your inadequacies.

So... You have now written down some goals – the next step is to set about achieving them. To do this you will have to adopt a positive state of mind or mindset. This is an essential part of the operation. If you don’t feel able to change your mindset, think about joining one of the many organisations out there that can help you. There are plenty of them...

Toastmasters, Rostrum and Jaycees are good examples of organisations out there that can help you. Another good example is Work Your Wealth – we run workshops and seminars that have been specifically designed for such circumstances, and guarantee to build up your self confidence.

As soon as you start building up confidence you will be aware of the changes that have taken place. People at work will notice this change, and they’ll take note of it, liking what they see.

You’ll find that people are more affable towards you, and you’ll soon end up with a bunch of new friends. Now is the time to set some of those slightly more difficult goals – don’t make them so difficult that they are hard to attain though.

As and when you achieve your various goals, celebrate the fact. Learn from any mistakes you have made – we all make mistakes!

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