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Tracy Tredea

Tracy Tredea

Tracy was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. After matriculating in Pretoria, she obtained a BA degree majoring in Education and Psychology from the University of Pretoria. In her final year she  married Paul Tredrea. From honeymoon, they moved to the Eastern Cape and resided there for 11 years.

During her time in the Eastern Cape, Tracy’s work experience included events management, personal assistant to the CEO of an international company, editor and writer for a magazine, lecturer, finance, all which led her to becoming the manager of an international Television Network at the tender age of 25 years old.  Script writing, voice overs, being a D.J on a local community station, programme and content quality control for the Television network all became part of Tracy’s daily life.  Working side by side with her husband, who was the head of productions, Tracy worked on various studio sets, live productions and international conferences.

Tracy has always had a passion to help people, which led to her being involved in various youth and young adult projects including a gap year programme for young people searching for a direction in their life.

After moving back to Pretoria. Tracy and her husband started their own media production company and within a short time became involved in various massive mining and industrial video documentaries. At the same time, Tracy wrote her first book, “Miracle Within.”

Tracy spear-headed a woman upliftment ministry with the focus on equipping woman with the strength and courage to get involved in projects which can make a difference in the lives of people. From working with human traffic victims to the disabled to woman who were victims of abuse, Tracy’s message was the same – you have worth, you have value, your life matters!

In 2013, Tracy launched her very own woman’s television talk show – Real Woman Real Life. Broadcasting weekly on various television platforms across the continent of Africa, Tracy has a mission to impact the woman of Africa, reigniting hope, purpose and passion! Through the TV programme, Tracy hosted 2 studio audience productions where various celebrities and international brands were featured. In everything, Tracy’s mission remains unmoved –She lives purposefully  to see woman mobilised to live their purpose, living out the call to love!

Tracy has been a guest speaker at various conferences, churches, beauty pageants, colleges and school groups. She loves to M.C events, interact with all people, and host events.

Probably one of the most life-altering moments in Tracy’s life was becoming a mother. She handles motherhood in her stride and classifies raising her daughter, Abigail and her son Daniel, as the best treasure she could have asked for. Together with her husband, Tracy believes the strength of her family unit is one of the biggest testimonies and achievements in her life!

Above all, Tracy values the Word of God as her map to life. The presence of God as a daily and constant necessity. And her love for the Lord deeper than any words could describe. Jesus be the centre of my life – is her constant prayer!


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