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Desré Buirski

Desre-BuirskiDesre’ Buirski is founder of Presidential Shirt, a South African clothing brand. Desre’ Buirski’s relationship with Nelson Mandela has influenced her profoundly and her story of The Madiba Shirt has become part of The Mandela Legacy.

Key Note speaker telling her story and shares the profound lessons learned from her relationship with Nelson Mandela. She is also a passionate nutritionist and environmentalist.

Desre’ is now a key note speaker sharing her story and spreading the truth about the body- mind - spirit connection and the power of creative visualization.

Presidential Shirt was born in 1994 when Buirski handed a gift for Nelson Mandela of a black long sleeved silk shirt with tan fish design to his bodyguard.

"When I heard Mandela was to speak at the synagogue on Marais Road in Sea Point the following day, I knew I had to see him and give him a gift to thank him for all his sacrifices. That's how he got the fish shirt and the brand was born," says Buirski.

Buirski continued to supply Mandela with over 150 shirts over the years, as he defined the style of what has become known as the 'Madiba Shirt'. The recent involvement of men's clothing distributor Into Africa in the brand has given it a new lease of life and extended its availability.

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