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Colin Heaney

Colin Heaney Colin Heaney is a highly experienced facilitator and motivational speaker. Personal Development and Corp rate Growth Seminars are just a few of Colin’s passions.

Experienced Professional Speaker endorsed by RichardStJohn.com (8 traits of success USA)... to facilitate and relay important information through transformational communication techniques.

Address challenges and issues required by my clients that need to be communicated effectively to employees with more impact and positive outcomes.

To empower management / staff to empower themselves by leveraging their hidden gifts and talents to increase their positive mental attitude therefore increasing productivity... in a Unconventional Motivational utilising a fun angle that is creating powerful positive results.

You don't learn motivation, You Do motivation.

My name is Colin Heaney. Many of you may know me from Theatre Shows, TV Appearances, and Motivational interactive drumming seminars or from Personal Development and Corporate Growth Seminars that I have appeared at.

We all have this amazing car in our head; problem is that we don't know how to drive it. It never came with a Manual so most of the time we are driving on Automatic. It also comes with its own unique navigational system that when we program it, it will take us where we want to go and when it comes up against any obstacles or detours, by asking the right questions and responding differently, it will take us to where we want to go and most times better places beyond where we initially wanted to go. It will also bring us anything we desire. You only have to ask the right questions for the answers are within you right now.

I have always known from an early age to learn to create your destiny instead of allowing your destiny to create you, Life is a journey with immense internal joys, trials and tribulations. In our personal lives and careers, we tend to bump into external obstacles that become internal challenges, with definite life changing outcomes both with positive and negative attributes.

Only by thought and a different way of thinking, can we allow choosing what affects us with positive outcomes. To set us back or propel us forward with two very powerful emotions to either FEEL BAD or FEEL GOOD...

My personal roads travelled in this incredible journey called LIFE have led me to owning a multitude of businesses, being a professional drummer both Internationally and Locally, on stage and in the studio, becoming a coach, consultant, speaker, and trainer in this People Related industry for the past 25 years.

This motivates me to continue my journey with the passion to help people to help themselves and a personal quest to be mentored by the absolute best so that i may share the knowledge of Masters and pass it on to yourself and the people who surround you.

Facilitates drumming sessions & is also available for motivational speaking.

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