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Niel Malan

Niel Malan

Niel Malan is a sales and marketing specialist with a 12 year background in the areas of entrepreneurship, direct response marketing, sales and sales management.

He started his career in sales at the age of 18 and soon broke all the records for the company he worked in, competing with over 350 sales people.

At the age of 23 he bought his own health-club franchise and became a millionaire at the age of 26 from running his successful company. Niel developed a fascination with sales and marketing and started an extensive continuous development program to further his knowledge in the field. Instead of following a traditional academic route by studying sales and marketing at the universities and colleges, Niel wanted more practical, “battle-tested” methods that are proven to work.

His studies led him to work with some of the top marketing professionals in the world like Jay Abraham who is the USA’s highest paid marketing consultant as well as Tony Robbins, the well known personal development guru based in San Diego. To date Niel has spent over R1 million on his own education through travelling to the USA and Europe and attending short and long courses.

Early in the 2000’s Niel started developing training programs and approaches to help South African entrepreneurs succeed. To date he has trained over 8 000 business owners on the art and science of direct response marketing and sales effectiveness.

Niel is a specialist in Sales Force Effectiveness and provide both marketing services to the SMME and Sales Force Effectiveness services to the Corporate sectors in South Africa.

He is a respected columnist and regularly writes articles for Succeed Magazine and has appeared on SABC 3; KykNet; Radio Highveld; 702; etc.

Specialties:Sales Force Effectiveness Consulting, Management Consulting, Leadership Development
Direct Response Marketing consulting & training
Internet Marketing
SaaS technology

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