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Pa Joof


Pa Joof is different things to different people. For some, he’s the friendly voice of encouragement telling you ‘it’s possible,’ for others, he’s the protagonist of a truly uplifting story.

He’s the moral support for the tentative entrepreneur, the extra edge for the budding executive, the leader for leaders, and the friend for those who need one. Above all, Pa Joof is the flash, the spark that gets you going.

Anything but Ordinary... A day with Pa Joof is about "making it happen".

Pa has come a long way. From his humble beginnings eking out a livelihood in his native country to captivating roomfuls of thousands of enthralled audiences all over the world, Pa’s journey has been anything but ordinary. Pa hails from the tiny West African Republic of The Gambia. Growing up in modest means, the value of hard work, determination and perseverance was instilled in him early on. Pa’s family shared a household with 30 people, cramped in a small bedroom with his parents and younger brother. Through thick and thin, Pa always knew the only way to get something was to go out there and get it yourself. Years later, Pa embodies the fighting spirit of a self-made man.

Today, Pa is an accomplished entrepreneur, multi-faceted business guru, agent of positive change, and one of the world’s most beloved motivational speakers. Over the course of his career, his innate ability to connect with people has allowed Pa to extend his influence as a world-class speaker, business trainer and coach, and take his message of inspiration far and wide.

He has touched the lives of nearly 200,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds, helping people channel the pure energy of a focused, uncluttered mind for business and personal success. His influence has helped businesses outperform and outcompete, and generate business of several million pounds in less than six months. From Fortune 500 executives to celebrities and world-class speakers, Pa has coached and trained star performers on personal branding and business growth. His helped his clients generate over 1/2 Billion in revenue. Still in his 30s, Pa has truly done it all. From sweeping floors to pay his university tuition, to launching ten successful ventures in nine countries, Pa brings to the selfdevelopment space a complete package. Has helped his clients generate over 500 million in revenue.
Not Just Survive, Thrive

A multitalented and charismatic speaker, Pa’s knowledge and intrinsic understanding of business strategy and psychological drivers form a robust framework for empowering individuals with the tools and the will to succeed.

His business acumen help people achieve and sustain success and his first-hand experience in overcoming hardship provide unique insights on how to design a life teeming with uninhibited possibilities.

The cornerstone of Pa’s training is the conviction that success is a habit. Looking at success this way prepares the mind for success to come naturally – as naturally as anything else that comes from habit. This radical shift in perspective is at the heart of all of Pa’s teachings.


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