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Kieron Sweeney

Kieron Sweeney is an internationally recognised Public Speaker, training entrepreneurs worldwide on the "psychology of wealth".

Through his motivational speaking "Buy Back Your Life" courses he coaches overworked business owners and helps them to reclaim and empower their lives, businesses, and time. He also teaches his motivational coaching techniques on his weekday web show "Nutrition for the Mind" which focuses on daily ways to train your mind for personal growth, business success, and personal empowerment.

Dr Marietjie van der MerweDr Marietjie van der Merwe

Dr. Marietjie Van der Merwe, Head of ACVV Khayalethu Youth Centre and Oliver House. Her passion in life is children and providing intervention programmes and alternative care for street children, specifically for boys, between the ages of 6 and 18, meeting their basic needs through a holistic and developmental approach, with the ultimate aim of re-socialisation and family re-unification.She has a Doctorate in Philosopy (PhD), Magister Artium Social Workand BA Social Work. She is also co-author of “The Heart of an Ironman South Africa”. She has a tenacious ability to get people to be proactive, abiltiy to bring the right people on board, works with people’s strengths. She is goal-orientated and highly discplined.

Colin HeaneyColin-Heaney

I have always known from an early age to learn to create your destiny instead of allowing your destiny to create you. Life is a journey with immense internal joys, trials and tribulations. Only by thought and a different way of thinking, can we allow to choose what affects us with positive outcomes. My name is Colin Heaney. Many of you may know me from Theatre Shows, TV Appearances, Motivational Interactive Drumming Seminars and Corporate Growth Seminars that I have appeared at.

Jenny MortonJenny Morton

Jenny Morton and her Business Partner Linda Botha are widely recognized as leaders in area of internet traffic generation, using Google, Social Media and other mediums to drive traffic. Jenny has coached endless struggling business owners with very little traffic into massive success stories. The level of deeper understanding of the art to combine all forms of traffic generation into a total marketing strategy that Jenny teaches our seminar delegates are an absolute must for all business owners, and this opportunity to learn from South Africa’s leading authority on this should not be missed.

Bronwen HallBronwen Hall

For over 5 years Bronwen Hall has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience from her training within the financial industry. While working and studying within that high performance industry she learnt how to assess companies and investments. She has since focused particularly on how to protect those investments. She is committed to educating others on how to improve their financial literacy and to help them achieve their financial potential. Author of "Why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer".

Christel van EedenChristel van Eeden

Christèl van Eeden is a firm believer that every person can and should reach for the stars: it is possible to attain your dreams. This belief led her from her position as an oral hygienist to become an entrepreneur. She further believes that women should create their own wealth and not be dependent upon their husbands. Her strong feelings on these beliefs gave rise to her current involvement in the Women’s Wealth Summits. Christèl’s passion is to empower women with the knowledge and opportunities necessary to create wealth.

Renee PletschkeRenee Pletschke

Since leaving the corporate world, a number of years ago, I have been pursuing many options which included being a small business owner, running the entire operation but found myself seeking for more as I knew there had to be a better way than being a slave to your clients and begging them to pay you for work you had already done. My vision became clear to create better opportunities for myself and other people who had fallen in the same trap as I.  In search of my own wealth creation opportunities it became apparent that I must help as many people as possible to become wealthy. In achieving this I will contribute to society and make it a better place.  One person at a time! 

Lauren FleiserLauren Fleiser

Lauren Fleiser had her first successful business at the age of 12. She has accumulated almost 25 years of hands on experience in owning and running operations in various industries, ranging from 1-man up to 100-man businesses. Lauren has been featured on TV shows such as DSTV’s “Making of a Mogul” and as an external consultant on Nedbank’s “It’s My Biz.” She is an expert author for Entrepreneur® Magazine and their resident expert online.


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