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Changing your mindset

To understand mindset and how it relates to what you do with your life, you have to go inside yourself and answer some questions about why you think what you do. You can't change the outside until you change the inside and even if you have the best laid plans you will fail if you don't believe you can and will get there.

We all have goals, we make lists and plans that we don't stick to. By doing this we are dishonouring ourselves as we will fail over and over again, this is a frustrating process experienced by everybody from all walks of life. What makes a millionaire's mind different, what drives them to be successful? The answer is mindset. They have changed their mindset to see challenges that are to be overcome no matter what, nothing stands in the way of them reaching their goal.

Conray Labuschagne is a personal and wealth coach trained by some of the leaders in this field today and this is why this topic is included in our global wealth, mindset and Passive Income seminars. Conray understands that we stand in our own way when it comes to achieving our goals and the only way to get the life of choice we want to live is to break through our barriers and domestication.

Belief Systems

What we have been taught to believe by our parents, teachers, professors, friends and other social groups all influence what we think about everyday. This set of beliefs has been shaped from our birth to this current day, so changing them takes a bit of inner work and perserverance. This is not about religion or religeous beliefs but more about personal beliefs and values that we hold ourselves to, how we perceive money, the value of money and how we ourselves relate to money.

The result of changing your mindset is worth the effort you put in and you will find that you can move forward through the obstacles that have stood in your way and start to live your best life, one that leads to a life of building wealth because you want to and believing you can because you have the skills and tools you need.

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