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Passive income is a success mindset, it is not working harder but smarter. It is the realisation that there are opportunities to learn new ways of earning extra money. Passive income is revenue received when you are not actively working unlike active income which stops coming in if you do not work.

To create wealth, takes a change of mindset and daily routine, focusing on a goal and using the best strategies and plans available as guides. Using residual income to create passive income streams can be the key to financial freedom.

To transform a dream into reality requires planning and focus as well as tried & tested wealth building strategies. Whether you want to learn to buy, trade or mine Bitcoin, Invest in Property, trade in Forex or Gold.

Our experts in their fields, Conray Labuschagne, Rick Potgieter & Tony de Gouveia share their tried and tested wealth building strategies on how to create & use passive income streams at our global wealth building seminars.



That may sound like a stupid question to some, but having more  income means having more time, as you don't have to work as much and that is priceless.

Time is something you can't buy and with more time, you can spend it as you please. Whether that is on family vacations or playing your favourite sport, the choice is yours. More income gives you more choices on how to spend your income or invest it.

Our strategies are based online which gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, so make the world your office! Travel while you earn.

With stress being one of the biggest reasons people are dying today, not having to worry about your finances means you will possibly be lengthening your life if you don't have to stress about where your finances stand.

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