Conray Labuschagne s

It takes someone extra special to be elected as a city councilor at the age of 20, and yet this is exactly what Conray Labuschagne achieved shortly after graduating from Goudrif High School in Germiston.

From that day to this Conray Labuschagne has dedicated his life to self improvement, initially for himself, and as he developed and grew more confident, to others. Conray’s early career saw him as a qualified auctioneer, and wearing this hat he outshone as an instructor and trainer at the South Africa Auctioneering College. He is avidly involved in property investment to this day.  

His quest for self improvement also continues, and has seen him make no less than 13 trips to the USA to attend seminars held by some of America’s top personal trainers and experts in motivation and wealth creation, with whom he is still mentored to this day.

Today Conray Labuschagne is widely accepted as being South Africa’s most qualified and best trained personal trainer, specializing in wealth creation through mindset transformation and self motivation.

He is also one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the country. Wishing to pass his acquired knowledge on to fellow South Africans, Conray founded Work Your Wealth, a company that specializes in altruistically providing workshops and seminars for individuals wishing to transform their life from one of mediocrity into a Life of Choice.

There is no argument that the world’s best business schools and personal development programs are located in the United States. However it is also true that no other personal trainer from South Africa has spent so much time and money on personal development at workshops and training seminars in the USA. Over a period of 6 years, Conray has invested more than R1 million in travelling expenses to these workshops and in paying their fees. Today there is no question as to who is the most sought after personal trainer and motivational speaker in the country. It was these visits and his personal quest for knowledge that eventually led to the founding of Work Your Wealth.

However, Conray’s journey has not been without hurdles. Like many other individuals in South Africa and indeed elsewhere, he has had his ups and downs both in relationships and financially, and it was these experiences that led him to query how it was that some people seemed to make such a success of life with apparent ease, when others had to struggle to keep their heads above water.

Are some individuals favoured by the Universe? Are there some who are more worthy than others?

Do certain individuals have a special knowledge or skill, maybe? There seemed to be no answer to this question other than that some successful individuals possessed a frame of mind that was different from others. It was in order to seek the answer to these questions that Conray began his expensive and far reaching quest that was eventually to lead to the founding of Work Your Wealth.

Conray’s quest was to lead him to some of the world’s top motivation and mentoring programs, such as T Harv Ecker’s Millionaire Mindset Intensive, Adam Markel’s Guerrilla Business School, Christine Comaford–Lynch of Renegade Business and Rules for Renegades fame, Donald Trump’s Property School, Keith Cunningham’s Keys to the Vault and Bill Bartman’s Business School.    

In addition to these extremely impressive seminars, courses and workshops, Conray has also received individual training in personal development and wealth creation from a number of world renowned life coaches, who to this day remain his mentors.

These include such famous names as Blair Singer, who created SalesDogs Methodologies, Mark Hansen and Jack Canfield, famous for Chicken Soup for the Soul, investor and businessman Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad and Brian Tracy, Canadian self-help author and motivational speaker.

A combination of these mentors and the workshops and seminars he attended led Conray into discovering what that secret was that enabled some individuals to enjoy a Life of Choice.

Through the medium of Work Your Wealth he is now able to share all that he has learned with fellow South Africans.

When setting out on his quest Conray sought the answer to the question that had been bothering him for years – was there a secret? What was the difference between a pair of twins, one of whom was successful and lived a Life of Choice, the other a life of mediocrity? Clearly there had to be a difference, since in all other aspects the pair was identical. What was this evasive secret?

Conray’s mission started turning up hints to the formula for creating wealth and the key to opening up a Life of Choice. It was obvious that some individuals had somehow decrypted the secret and were privy to the formula to wealth creation. Would it be possible to enable others to get hold of this secret?

As Conray progressed along his mission, portions of the formula began to reveal themselves to him, and this led to further research that strengthened and verified the notion that certain individuals did indeed understand how certain things could lead them to a Life of Choice, and what’s more that these were skills that could be learned by others.

Through the help of his mentors and others along his journey, Conray himself learned the secret and the formula to wealth creation, and it became very clear that the skills he had learned himself could indeed be learned by others, and that with the right help a Life of Choice and abundance could be put within anyone’s reach. All it would take would be the motivation to learn and an absolute commitment to changing their life.

Whatever an individual is unaware of or is not understood becomes a skill that can be learned!

To conclude, after experiencing wide-ranging personal training and learning and being mentored by some of the world’s top personal coaches and wealth creators, Conray himself experienced a complete transformation. His own life was changed from one of mediocrity in which he merely existed, into one that today is full of purpose and meaning, in which he is driven to altruistically share these skills with others who wish to learn them, and from which they can learn to live a Life of Choice